To know one magician is nice to know two….


With Neil x

Knowing Two magicians is nice

Meeting Neil the first one seems so long ago

But that was when

I first got my trick with the pen

That i’ve rinsed for months, all his knib’s could face

In Soho and bars and every place

My pen trick from Neil would create a smiling sight

Like the smile on a Daisy girl’s face

I saw through Neil’s pop up shop window

On a lovely Crouch End night

Meeting the second magician i know

Is based on time and years ago

When Jo would talk about a Wayne

She would try to catch up with.

Again and again.

So we drive to a school where Wayne is on stage, working a positive plan

There I see Jo’s old friend and know straight away

Not only is the second magician a talented man

But he’s kind and real and when we got home

I said to Jo will you call him i need a chat

She smiled saying is it some trick you’ve learned

I said no i want my watch returned

Big cuddle you two xx


Suits your school boy style.


The power is in the glove Mick, it always was x

Seeing the suit someone wears when you should, keep your head.

As all around the children lose their’s.

When your oh so fake, that it’s all you have to divert from the face of sincerity.

Dressed in honesty by a tailor who i suspect knows little of the way.

You wear your two faced trousers with a matching jacket that lies.

And says i’m despised on the lining for you to find.

As you sit on your behind reading i’m so clever off your crooked cuff.

When we all have to ask.

Have we had enough?

Half time

The doorbell rang at bedtime one night and I said who can that be i’m not answering, I didn’t but i wish I had ….

Opening the door i was greeted to ten men in pyjamas
One said can we have our ball back, yes I said but just one of you go and you’ll have to come through and I don’t want you trapesing mud back through on my fitted carpet

He came back with the ball and I said what are you playing at anyway and they all together said five a side

The man on the ball said we all live in that row of terrace houses and liking five a side we all knocked through but her at number 27 hates football so when your running in on goal you have to come out of number 25 and then cut in at number 29 sometimes the ball goes astray this time it came off the top of the post box and here we are

I began to understand
Is that your caravan I furthered and a unanimous yes forced me to ask the man on the ball why it was on my front lawn awning and all

The man on the ball said at half time we all go in and have a bit of a cuddle he asked me if I’d like to play.

I said is it half time yet he said yes I said I’ll just go and get my pyjamas on.

In his defence

Just because he’s standing in a shop window it doesn’t make him a dummy

Said his defence

Just because he bullies it doesn’t make him strong

Said his defence

Just because he was caught, it doesn’t explain why

For the rest of the victims wife’s life

She will want to cry as she try’s to understand

Why her kind loving Man who cared for all

Had to die

Said his defence