Come on Ref!


Put things into perspective pauliepaul, children starving wars abound and banks are buying tanks and tanks don’t see a crying child.
Unless the crying child grows and plays football and the thanks? The thanks will be to hide the real problem , not in defence, not on the wing.
It’s easy so long as the crowd sing, about the pass, not the gas they fire to stop the proud father fighting for food for his daughter.
Who was caught offside.
By a yard.
And as she starves try explaining the offside rule to her weeping Mother.
The ref blows for full time.
End to end stuff.


An Orange Give

An Orange Give

Feeling the camp and then to see Conch and Toto
Knowing that the lovely universe will be mingling amongst the lovely secret
Feeling the real without the pretence
Waking with jo under an orange glow
Living under a give umbrella
Living under a give umbrella


About Mum and Dad

Me Mum and Daisy girl Bardalino x
Me Mum and Daisy girl Bardalino x

Not sure why I’m sad.

Got a text off Mum saying her and Dad were working in the garden.

So late on in life I wondered why working in the garden was so important when they could be in Italy with the sun.

Eating pasta by lake Garda drinking wine having fun.

Mum called me from Italy and I said stay until the end of Summer.

But they came home and now their working in the garden.

I thought my Dad might hate working in the garden and would probably liked to have stayed in Italy.

I think my Mum could have too.

I like that they ended up in the garden together.

And I remember growing potatoes with them when I was seven.

I just want them to be happy.

By the side of lake Garda or in their garden.

I want them to do whatever they want to do.

And then I want my Dad to make my Mum laugh and then make her the special drink he always makes her.

That’s what I want. x


Fond Paris thoughts.


Always travelling never arriving.

Went to eat my petit de’jeuner in a peaceful Paris park.

Later saw the lights on la Seine sparkle into life as the day neatly passed for the night.

Met my old friend and laughed through the pretty Parisien early hours to face the goodbye of dawn.

With the last glass of whiskey came the first sound of a favourate morn.

Always travelling never arriving.

The next day drinking a carefully chosen Chateau neuf de Pape besides Oscar Wilde I Spied an American with a guitar.

I followed him from afar to a grafiti’d grave, where I heard him murder the doors with every note from his dented fender.

The little sparrow slept and Oscar Wildes angel wept.

Always traveling never arriving, and I still can’t decide whether to brush my hair backwards or forwards.


What was the question?


So what’s the German for football?
Helmets for goalposts, mustard gas at half time.
When your young and your Grandad told you tales of a camp that was so horrific.
A camp that seems to be forgotten.
And you saw in your Grandads face what he had to face, only when he had died.
And I said did you play football at Xmas with them Grandad?
And Grandad cried as he said no, that was before, that was the war before.
He cried as he remembered more, and he said
He said:

“When we were safe, when we were so safe and sound.
When we were so safe and sound we looked at each other.
We didn’t speak, we didn’t say we’re safe and sound now.
Because we knew we were only safe and sound for a second.
We had time to think we were safe, for good or bad.
For alive or dead.”

When I was older I said why did the man want to kill millions of people?
Grandad had died by then.
And no one was asking the question anymore.
My Grandad asked the question.
And he cried.
And he died.
My grandad died.
What was the question?


Three Cats one Parrot


Three cats for sale in the Exchange and Mart.

Two are quite reliable, the other just won’t start.

I took all three, got my pal to pay.

On the way out one of the reliable cats left a deposit on a parrot.

The man was disgusted.

And you should have heard the parrots language.

For two years the cat that wouldn’t start had waited for a lost love to reappear.

They were circus cats.

The lost love never appeared and the act was discarded.

After that the cat had no reason to start.

Weeks later after the cat had settled in and it’s two friends had run off, we had a lovely chat.

I said:

“I don’t want you to start – and I don’t want to mend your heart

But I know that one day,

You will meet and love, and even be smitten.

And then you’ll start every morning and purr like a kitten.”

He scratched me right up me arm, in a lovely cat way.

I can still feel the claws as they left a reminder about cats and claws, and learning a lesson about  helping to put a cat

in a basket, and how close you can come to losing your sense of humour and an eye.

I went back for the parrot. Guilt? Call it what you will. But it’s real name wasn’t guilt.

I saw it in its cage, it was in the window, it was in its cage in the window. It was angry in a rage in its cage in

the window.

I said “do you want to come home with me? Do you want to come home with me?”

It said “No, and don’t take the Piss.”



Another Year



Another year

Another reminder of our mumbling mortality.

Another fear, and another past caring smile at the neighbour who wants to chop your tree down

.Another tear, another tear for the wasted finless sharks. 😦 crying )

Or the odd Elephant or two,

Well who gave them the right to be free.

And who said that they can’t be killed if it helps an idiot buy a swimming pool or a Bentley
Or two.

And even though we all know what is happening is wrong
And face book friends quote funny things to help us get along.

Even when we see and we know that things are bad,
Another year won’t hurt.

We’ll do something then.

And I’ve heard rhino horn can give you an erection.
Or win the election.
Or fill in the bit in the Times that they call the wild life section.

See you next year all…
I’ll say good buy to the rhino now , just in case.





Fox Day


When Saturday fox woke up on Friday morning he sat upright with a smile.

The whole day lay before him this hadn’t happened for a while.

After washing and dressing and preening his coat (Nicole Fari) he walked into Friday and what would await.

Walking into SoHo on that Friday, Saturday fox sat in Soho Sqaure.

Thursday fox had long gone home but Friday fox was there.

They smiled and talked and compared coats (Paul Smith) they took out pencils and made small notes.

Saturday fox asked Friday fox if he’d join him the next day.

Friday fox declined to answer as if he knew what his wife would say.

After laughter and smiles in differant Soho places.

With grins that would stick forever on fox friend faces.

Friday fox returned to home, with a smile and a happy heart.

He fell asleep gently and dreamt of his Saturday to start.


Fracking for fun


It’s not easy telling someone your going to frack the fuck out of their allotment.

And I should know.

I tried to find some common ground, standing in fertile soil with him would have to do.
He told me about his allotment journey, his fight against blight.

His holy endeavour to produce a perfect potato and what a difference it made to his Sunday.

I told him that would all go now and he should prepare himself because fracking can be fun.
I said he was a little obsessed with growing something that can easily be bought from.
Even a happy shopper.

I said he could be a happy shopper and learn to grin as we fracked the fuck out of his allotment.

I left him crying into my facts about fracking brochure.
I touched his shoulder and gave his wife a wink.

Change is change and if it comes in the shape of fracking.
Don’t get sentimental about a shitty shed on a muddy allotment.


Listening to you

Message to self : "listen to self."
Message to self : “listen to self.”

And when you come home and the place is in the dark of night.

When you don’t want to turn on the light because it’s not about the feeling of fright.

Walking in you sit in a familiar shadow with only yourself to blame and without even a hint of the light of a day to show an unsightly way.

And it’s so quiet that all you can think to say is listen to yourself.

But your not saying anything.

But you still have to listen because that’s when you’ll hear it.