The Girl Who Sashayed Home

She smiled as she sashayed home

For more than as long as she could hope to feel that this would last

Not fake and false as in the past but real so you’re free to feel

Without being armed with caution

To protect from weeks of tears and Sunday night fears

He cautiously grinned at his garden gate

Knowing well the reason lay in the hands of someone else’s heart

And already it hurt him to be apart

As he felt for the last time alone

Thinking about the girl who sashayed home


When I’m Old and What I’ll do

When I’m old & living on some Cornish coast

I’ll remember my Mum and Dad & smile

Because my heart will be smiling

When I’m old I’ll wish I’d loved them more 

But my heart will say you couldn’t have

And when I’m old my mind will carry Mum & Dad with me 

Wherever I go & whatever I do

Because my heart will tell it too


The Monkey With The Magic Power

The monkey with the magic power 

Sought to set the planet right

He put humans on the Falkland Islands

And on the Isle of White

His attention turned to suffering animals

Their persecuted plight

Wild domestic tame, each horrific sight

The more monkey saw the more he would cry

Terrified animals screaming queuing to die

The monkey with the magic power 

Who sought to set the planet right

Placed every animal in its perfect place

Regrew the rain forest re froze the poles

Cared for sick & suffering creatures 

Which neared the top of his magical goals 

His magic & kindness silenced cries

Returning joy to sad animal eyes

After a time all creatures agreed 

Kind animal loving humans 

Should fairly soon be freed

What to do with the rest though 

Already waging war

Monkey sent them all to Mars

Well that’s what magic’s for


House of Lies

Sad how a house of unconvincing liars.

Forget the cost of life lost in burnout towers.

For a career they represent the nation so say.

Possibly present in parliament every third day?

To shout ye or nay justifying expenses.

From the same tradition & blood coloured benches,

Ye’s sent boyhood friends for certain to die.

In a nightmare of gas & mud WW1 trenches.

When the then house of liars standing should have cried why!?

They cheered for war between kings with a nationalistic lie.

Again they represented the nation so say?

Writing a cheque of dead lives for a country to pay.


Making Friends With Jack

What affirmed my affection was it mind or heart?
Or did I already know as I often do.
That moment in time a true friendship will start.
Friendships pick and poke for proof at first.
Like minds still unsure, await for better or worse.
Until one by one kind comments of connection.
Reaffirm as true those first knowing thoughts.
Reaffirm as real, that first feeling of affection.


When The Best Parties Ended

When the best parties ended.

With Corsica still full of that familiar ‘got it right’ fond happiness.

Moist from wet foreheads and lost damp coats in corners.

Corsica happiness despite the broken Budvar bottles, half started soaked loo rolls.

Strewn across more than all area’s


Sometimes the power of the party couldn’t be halted.

At times like these, which – rare but plenty.

If I’m being honest.

If i’m being true.

Well at times like these we would crack on through.
The after party decks played out the perfect set.

A so closed bar – so closed and yet… Adrian and Amanda would nod me a say so – for their more than generous drinks.

I would beg Adrian to play “Well What About Ponderosa?”

Every time I would see “Where is it?” as where it he thinks.
When the best parties ended I would see Amanda so happy.

Holding court with Adrian, and in control.

Off the Best Small club, the only club with a soul.

When the best parties ended, In the extreme.

Normally a Low Life, with it’s Low Life loves you theme.
The flower market called – and with a clink of glass on the last double……

Well – Thats what happened when the best parties ended…

When you next see Adrian, if you talk about this. Just say “Well What About Ponderosa?”

I’ll probably still be deciding whether to rhyme double – with Trouble…