Do Ants lack ambition?


Believing in nothing is like sticking on 16.
Have a little faith, twist.
What have you got to lose.
And if you can explain away.
How animal to man with imagination.
Paved it’s way for after all all to set their fossils by.
Can’t i chose what to believe.
Well confident for an age of history not to pass down through a diary.
Oh by the way we evolved from such and such.
No not the ant he’s fine.
Whilst waiting for Darwin to come up with a perfectly plausible way.
To question every single piece of previous thought.
What wasted thought and reason, did Darwin do night follows day?
And even as a believer in  the simple way we became  human as we changed from animals, and acquired a sense of humour.
If i was selling theories Darwin would be my first pick as sales director.



To Russia with love x

Still from the most beautiful film x
Still from the most beautiful film x

I like having a reader from the Russian Federation.

When I looked at my stats and saw that 1 person in the Russian Federation has read my work.

I realised I could make the difference…

Breaking into the Russian Federation has given me a lift. Perked me up.

I hope of all hopes its not a Weissmuller.

When I wrote a piece about Johnny Weismuller I wrote as I always do with care.

I suspect however I get stray search traffic reading by accident my lovely words about a cracking Tarzan.

I hope my Russian Federation reader meant to read the piece he or she read.

I should have more faith.

Faith : “the assured expectation of things hoped for.”


Friends of Dash

Please think about helping a friend of Dash's x
Please think about helping a friend of Dash’s x

As Dash settled into his new donkey life, to think he’d forget his past donkey strife would be wrong. Soon his back will ache enough to remind him of his friends still sighing with the weight of stupid abuse.
Don’t shout of human poverty to Dash, because your human poverty is brought about by stupid humanity.
Dash would smile as he helped if he was loved, feeling loved Dash would give you more than help.
Being Human is not just about being stupid, being human is looking into a donkeys eyes to see his pain.
As you gain what?
For every beating you gave Dash’s friend, I would remind you harshly of histories lesson.
Being stupid is no excuse for being barbaric.


Do you see? ..

Alanna Miller x
Alanna Miller (from blind cat rescue)

Spending your life looking after the cats that can’t see, or selling twitter followers to people you pounce on to make a pointless Pound?

Do you see?

It can’t be just me?

Grabbing for a name only fame, or giving your whole adult life to foster a family of children?

Who now have the skills to save themselves and still have emotion left to cry as they remember now and wonder how?

The Foster carer knew to turn her back? As she took the full force of all their flack. Then silently turned with a smile, as she walked them through.

Life’s next mile.

All the while steering them towards approaching the love they need for a life worth living and sharing and giving.

Do you see?

It can’t be just me?

I know it’s not .


To lose one hat is unfortunate to lose two…. Deserves an Oscar

The Charlie Chaplin pub in the Elephant and Castle. Only Brian knows the truth x
The Charlie Chaplin pub in the Elephant and Castle.
Only Brian knows the truth x

Losing my black goat skin Diesel hat was symbolic of a shambles life.

But I still don’t understand how I could have lost it.

I do however have an idea.

Once I was woken up by my mobile phone in a hotel near Hyde park.

My brother had called to ask me if I had lost a bag?

“Of course not” I said, looking round for the bag, with all of my transient life in.

“Might have” I said as my stomach tried to remember why it was hitting the floor.

Jamie told me a lady had been calling him saying Timothy…

He had put the phone down twice, her English was bad, but then realised she was reading from my passport next of kin number.

My middle name is Timothy.

I looked around the hotel room for anything.

Nothing, something, my wallet was in my jacket pocket. It would not be a whitewash.

I called my cab driver at Elephant cars to see if I had left my car keys in his cab.

He said no but I got to the office and searching his cab found that they had dropped between the gear lever and seat.

Now all I had to do was call the kind lady who had my bag, and arrange to meet.

When I got my bag back from the lady in Camberwell I was dazed and emotional, everything was there. Including cash I had left in the bag.

The bag was as tidy as it would ever be and I had to force her to accept a token reward, but I gathered her reward from the Lord would be greater than a twenty pound note.

She had an inner reward as I saw from her smile. X

The happiness she got from giving me my bag back would last her an all time of a while.

My hat slowly started to make its way into my consciousness by now.

Where was it?

Where is it?

After getting my bag back I got the bus back to the Elephant and walked round to see Brian.

He made me a brew and as I cuddled my friend Molly the Staffi on the sofa, we tried to piece things together.

He hadn’t seen my hat since I was wearing it playing pool and drinking after shocks with Adrian in the Charlie Chaplin.

We went to search but never found my hat.

Finding it  would have taken the sting out of losing the job.

My old Corsica hat I had left for too long behind the bar i loved, and when I went to claim it, it was long gone.

So long Corsica hat.

To lose one hat is unfortunate, to lose two….


When Johnny Weissmuller was Tarzan


When Johnny Weissmuller was Tarzan he would break the hunters rifles in half.
But when they were in trouble he always ended up helping them, although my Dad said it was because Jane told him to.

Dad said he wasn’t under the thumb, he just knew how to look after his Jane.

When Johnny Weissmuller was Tarzan he protected the ancient elephant graveyard with his life.
My Dad said that the hunters who searched and tried to trick Tarzan to find the elephant graveyard would always be poor. Even with all the money in the world.

When Johnny Weissmuller was Tarzan he was the richest man in the world. Jane and Boy really loved him and he loved them.

Apart from the times when the hunters tried to screw him over, his life was brilliant. And the Earth and the animals seemed a lot safer.

Can’t help wishing Johnny Weissmuller was Tarzan again.


Tranquil Tea


Tranquility is long overdue for a come back

And I for one agree

An un tranquil person will soon find it difficult to argue his case

Because the tranquil person will say do fancy a cup of tea you un tranquil twat

Said in such a tranquil way as to disarm the un tranquil threat and still have a dig

Tranquility does not lead it settles and spreads from within

And I think it is long overdue for a come back and I also think that

I’ll put the kettle on and then calmly wait

And then calmly hope, that it’s not too late..



Who’s in charge?

Excuse me?

Who’s in charge of your planet?
Well we all belong to a Nation or Religion and I suppose the head of the Nations and the head of the Religion are in charge.
I may be from another Planet but I have examined your history, what you are doing now is based on a system we observed in your Infant and Junior School?
Children on your World deal with problems the same as you, but with less Death?
My advice is try and find an Adult and hope this is a Fucked up Playtime.