November Word for what it’s worth.

Weekly come Monthly word will divide I’m sure. What makes me sad is billions spent on the pursuit of finding out where we came from. When watching people die of disease will tell us where we’re going much cheaper. Just what is it as a race we want? As we ruin any hope of aContinue reading “November Word for what it’s worth.”

Weekly word 1st October 14

Weekly words are getting later, so sorry. Firstly a welcome well done, and secondly try and make maths homework fun…. Thirdly for me, I remembered how good it is to give, and happiness is made up of purpose and wealth. Spiritual and material . Sometime you have to say sorry to Toto and Concha, couldn’tContinue reading “Weekly word 1st October 14”

Weekly Word week ending 14/09/14 (sorry bit late)

I think this week has gone so fast, but I still say well done to everyone. Sometimes staying silent is the loudest thing you can do. But don’t use the loudness until you really need to. Just say something. Don’t rush it, all in it’s own good time. Big cuddle, see you next week. XxContinue reading “Weekly Word week ending 14/09/14 (sorry bit late)”