weekly word 26/7/2015

Not done a weekly word for a while

Sometimes i wish my highs were’t so high

And my lows were’t so low

Like having a bright summer day

Then a pavement full of snow

Still the more i think with a positive purpose

However much i struggle through high then low

The more i feel and the more i grow



So strong

Sitting playing and shooting and further so speaking to a person in your ear piece who take’s precedence over people in your real life is now a norm. No not for my son with things to learn about life and how to share your time with your family and wife.

Sitting listening to bullying men with a cuddle for the joystick and a stern word for a partner who asks what time will you be home to fall asleep, as they ignore the urge to weep.

So strong the man with level 2 as his plan, better still if there’s two to prop up an ego with a promise so shallow to paddle is to take the piss, and drowning might just be asking why.

Are you making Two cry.


November Word for what it’s worth.


Weekly come Monthly word will divide I’m sure.
What makes me sad is billions spent on the pursuit of finding out where we came from.
When watching people die of disease will tell us where we’re going much cheaper.
Just what is it as a race we want?
As we ruin any hope of a peaceful harmonious life, and finally die of disease or fall by the sword for not worshipping our neighbours God.
I hope that the probe finds a final power source to switch it from standby and finally tell us where we’re from.
So it all becomes clear.
After we’re gone.


Weekly word 1st October 14

Must do weekly word....
Must do weekly word….

Weekly words are getting later, so sorry. Firstly a welcome well done, and secondly try and make maths homework fun….
Thirdly for me, I remembered how good it is to give, and happiness is made up of purpose and wealth. Spiritual and material .

Sometime you have to say sorry to Toto and Concha, couldn’t make it 😪 x

Big cuddle everyone see you next week 😍