Tess In The City third in series

   It was two weeks into Billy’s summer holiday when Tess noticed all the excitement. She recognised it as the time when the family started packing for their holidays. Billy’s mum was a busy ironing clothes and his dad was climbing up to the top of the wardrobe to retrieve dusty suitcases. Sometimes Tess wasContinue reading “Tess In The City third in series”

Tess and The Fox Hunt .. second in series

Tess and the Fox hunt. It was two years since Tess had arrived as a puppy at the house where Billy lived. She had grown into a fine healthy dog and was still the best of friends with Billy. Tess could always be seen playing with Billy and his friends, often in the field at the back ofContinue reading “Tess and The Fox Hunt .. second in series”

The Dog that lost it’s wag

The dog that lost it’s wag Tess arrived as a small bundle of fur at Billy’s house on a Monday. Billy’s mum and Dad had always said that they would not have a dog. “They take too much looking after!” Billy’s dad would say whenever the subject came up. Of course, they changed their mindsContinue reading “The Dog that lost it’s wag”