A Portrait in flour

A private portrait daubed in flour on the clean surface is remembered long after the rock Cakes are buttered and eaten. Just as a moment sharing time with a small girl who says Daddy will become the most important shared moment of all his life. Years later with a grown up tear the small girl,Continue reading “A Portrait in flour”

Talking Care with foxes. truesaystory x

I want to talk to foxes I thought, and actually said out loud as I cycled from Crouch End to Holloway. It was half past one in the morning and the fox ran in front of my bike. I stopped and said hello boy and he paused and turned to see me. And I wantedContinue reading “Talking Care with foxes. truesaystory x”

Something left. by Paul Roberts

The best you can do when you look back. Is watch your lack of. And the hurt you caused. But sometimes there is a little left. A heartfelt love for those that wept. And in the wake of karma paused. While you reflect on life being kack! Remember that there is only one way out.Continue reading “Something left. by Paul Roberts”

Time to smile with Izzy dog.

Well here again i am with my best friend in the worlds German shepherd. John is skiing and i love the chance to spend time which i do, with the dog he’s given so much time and care to. She knows i’m arriving of course, maybe from the last time John said you wait hereContinue reading “Time to smile with Izzy dog.”