The boy who thought about the girl who sasheid home x

She smiled as she sasheid home, for as more than as long as she could –

Hope it would last.

Not false and fake as in the past.

But real so your free to feel.

Without being armed with caution.

To protect from nights of tears.

And Sunday night fears.


Cautiously  grinned as he passed his garden gate.

Knowing this cause for grinning was in the hands.

Of someone else’s heart.

And already it hurt him to be apart.

As he felt for the last time alone.

Thinking about the girl.

Who sasheid home.


Hope we never meet and ruin it x

Out of all the people i’ve got to know

As i pass through my time as all should be

Searching for purpose on this breathtaking planet

The people who i’ve overlapped this life with

Shared and cared and given to more than some i should

With all of that touch and meeting of minds and yet, and yet

I still haven’t met

Paul Roberts who shares more than his words

When he shares his thoughts behind each letter

And makes me smile

As i get him

Just for that while x

when Daisy met Concha x

Oh when Concha saw Daisy as i always knew.

She would know her because that’s what love lets you do.

And real feel has a power that will unite more than one heart.

As it does here and what sets us apart.

When the sharing of this time and peaceful place with friends.

Is life’s careful precious time well spent.

Like dancing with Toto In the furthest away tent.

And we all share the care and love and feel.

Because whatever we feel is real.

For Fred X

Mark and Fred just looking who they are xx
Mark and Fred just looking who they are xx

Oh Fred just arrived, my lovely Jo’s lovely friend

Feeling comfortably smiling i remember the first and the last time we met

The first time meeting a person who stood there to help my future love and Daisy girl

Was in a happy kitchen.

When under an elvis clock, sat a filled with a lovely man elvis onesie. Who sat with Daisy and watched TV, and

showed her care which i could see

Oh Fred just arrived and now i remember

Not the first or the second but the last time we met

As drunk as a skunk my jive lesson in the canal bar as i got closer

To being more pissed than i’ve ever been

And so

Produced my finest jive performance

Anyone has ever seen
Love you Fred


Trying to visit a friend

Tried to call round to a friends house

Time to catch up i thought

But alas as i passed the house to park

I saw someone else leaving the not so familiar friends front door

The friendly CooP was now in ruins, a wasteland even now i thought

With two and two making more than they should

I headed for the ring road as anyone would

Thinking i did what i could, but it all went wrong

Had it really been that long?

for Za Za

Energy you get from Za Za will always nudge you too

Towards feeling Cookie as smile you will always do

Because following is the Spirit you feel from Za Za which is still very free

And still very pure

Although we’re not as close these days

As behind a Corsica office door

I feel “four ones” now and yet lovingly still remember and adore

My fond adventures with Za Za from before
Big cuddle and did you get the Cillit Bang?

A goat and a garden

Sometimes all i want is a garden with a goat in.

In the garden the goat and i would be equals.

Taking in turn the work and things that equals do, in gardens.

When we fell out, which might happen often  i may add.

Both being stubborn, I think we might stare at each other all day, and be sad.

And we wouldn’t i’m sure get much garden work done.

That i can say.

We would alway’s silently care for each other.

But probably not for the garden that much.

I would poke about in it a bit, and sit long and thoughtful under goat and I’s tree.

Wishing goat wasn’t so as stubbon as me…

Then goat would come and lie beside and as i feel his unmoveable strength

I smile because we got what we wanted x

words for a friend x


Oh the words for a stranger are so far from these

Meeting is so passe, yet I feel we have met in our minds

More than many times on one or more like minded thought

And when soon i meet and greet feeling happy as we speak

With our hearts smiling

Sharon English i would hope

Would make me a cup of tea in Scotland

Could i count on some shortbread

From a tartan tin

Well yes and as we drink tea and talk with ease

You would see that the words for a stranger are so far far from these. X

In his defence.

Just because he’s standing in a shop window it doesn’t make him a dummy

Said his defence

Just because he bullies it doesn’t make him strong

Said his defence

Just because he was caught, it doesn’t explain why

For the rest of the victims – wife’s – life

She will want to cry

Trying to understand why

Her kind loving Man who cared for all

Had to die

Said his defence