Father and Daughter To See

Watching her love and admiration surface.

Animated with a pride she can’t hide.

Reaching into a past to find the man behind her father.

Who loved her more, for far and wide.

Hearing a tribute from a lovely wrinkled face.

And behind it a friend with many shared years.

That opens a thought to confirm her fathers kindness.

To confirm her fathers cares.

I love watching her love and admiration surface.

She and I know it was always a part of her.

Just as his pride and love for her shone out to me.

Father and daughter to see, as close as can be.



For Mitch and his type x

It’s not the same like minds or the same shared like times.

It’s invisible to the ordinary eye.

To everyone apart from those who feel it then they see it shine as bright.

As a brilliant setting sun reflecting off the sea.

Of course we like the same like minds, the precious shared times.

So much we may  be invisible to other ordinary minds.

The unspoken connect we feel that has no end.

That is silently thought and fully felt for a friend.

Favourite Sim’s Sisters 

The first of the Sims sisters i saw was Jackie.

We met on the stairs half way up the canal bar.

It was at Nicky’s wedding, as i had just walked in when i met Jackie on the stairs.

After a minute it felt like i’d known her for years, the first Sims sister that i met on the stairs.

The second Sims sister I saw was of course Nicky.

She was busy getting married, but i remember her poking me in the chest.

I felt it right through to my vest, but knew what she meant.

And the message the poke sent.

Now i think of her as my friend.

Even though in the hurry.

I couldn’t help take down.

Her tent x
With affection pauliepaul

For Fiona x

Funny thing when your love says you’ll like her.

Lovely when you know that you do.

Funny when her cat wants to kill you.

Lovely, when what her cat needs and what her cat gets.

Is her love and care.

Funny when she says she’s not doing enough.

Lovely when you know that she is.

That she could easily measure much more than enough.

For as much as seen is hidden, secretly glowing.

Seing is feeling and all part of the knowing.

And of the smiling which shines with you showing.

Why it’s so effortless easy.

To love Fiona.


For my friend Michele Chapman Sweeny

Sometimes when you know a friendship will last

because you see sincere reflecting back and forth from first meet faces

Seeing sincere reflecting is such a look after lovely way

To introduce to you, how you know you’ll feel

Then slowly with time as you both get to know

You were always both so right to show

Ease and smiles when each time you meet

In different times and happy birthday places

You both now see as friendships do

Sincere reflecting more

It shines back and forth as was before

But now in between fully formed friends

With kind heart faces

For a time with Chris and Fred x

Searching for the Dude one sunny Sunday

Sitting smiling in the back of Chris’s open top Triumph

With all the ingredients for a perfect Caucasian

To share with 2 people i will always feel more than affection for

As the feeling from Sunday became Champagne Monday

Without knowing cementing with bubbles

A perfectly placed memory and friendship

I will treasure

For as long as for i have forever