for the family of the brothers x

Made me cry that his Brother tried to save his life. With all my heart i hope that the Brother survives. And far from feel the the guilt we think he would. He feels alive and knows that he has to now live the lives. Of two, and knowing he was loved so much. TakeContinue reading “for the family of the brothers x”

the crouch end hidden tiger

So after all the fuss, whining and watching people who would not normally. Make even a small significant point. That wasn’t pointless. Then why did they whine and point a finger, in anger? For fear of being led astray? Or was it the lager, or.. I know it sounds daft. Wetherspoons fine full fruity Merlot onContinue reading “the crouch end hidden tiger”

Something left. by Paul Roberts

The best you can do when you look back. Is watch your lack of. And the hurt you caused. But sometimes there is a little left. A heartfelt love for those that wept. And in the wake of karma paused. While you reflect on life being kack! Remember that there is only one way out.Continue reading “Something left. by Paul Roberts”

She looked like Eva Marie Saint…

Learning about Dorian Gray from The Smiths. Reading Simone De Beauvoir. Because of Lloyd Cole. Hearing as the name of the plane that dropped the pain, became a song that echoed around the world as the number one history lesson synth song. Becoming a permanant part of a history referencing pop sylabus. Listning to whatContinue reading “She looked like Eva Marie Saint…”

Could have gone to the pictures i suppose?

I once watched a washing machine from cycle start right through to spin. It was a Wednesday afternoon and i should have had something better to do. I got up of course to make a brew, and use the loo. Then i returned and sat cross legged in front of well i think it wasContinue reading “Could have gone to the pictures i suppose?”