for Za Za

Energy you get from Za Za will always nudge you too

Towards feeling Cookie as smile you will always do

Because following is the Spirit you feel from Za Za which is still very free

And still very pure

Although we’re not as close these days

As behind a Corsica office door

I feel “four ones” now and yet lovingly still remember and adore

My fond adventures with Za Za from before
Big cuddle and did you get the Cillit Bang?


For Mouse

Well my first meeting was fleet

But when you first feel an energy so strong, then

Stories from my lovely Jo just add

And further that feeling to grow

So my second meeting as we drive and park and meet and smile and greet

Mouse, as she is surrounded by her positive weekend plan

And still i hear more from each good friend as they speak

Then i watched in awe as she feeds and cares and shares and shines

I didn’t think to See still more as she feels

Still with that touch to touch her feel for what or who she knows

Might need her word or her whisper or her sigh

And i get her more on our second meeting

As we all know why

words for a friend x


Oh the words for a stranger are so far from these

Meeting is so passe, yet I feel we have met in our minds

More than many times on one or more like minded thought

And when soon i meet and greet feeling happy as we speak

With our hearts smiling

Sharon English i would hope

Would make me a cup of tea in Scotland

Could i count on some shortbread

From a tartan tin

Well yes and as we drink tea and talk with ease

You would see that the words for a stranger are so far far from these. X

a wetherspoon morning


A wetherspoon morning with the price of a pint to keep off the yawning.

Or gurrning, or yearning.

For a boring Sunday to share with the best of the rest of a dysfunctional family.

A table number and familiar faces with a drink included.

No one excluded, for even a bottomless Irish coffee and a point to plug in your countless phones.

A wetherspoon morning well remembered, and so near and yet so there but for the grace of tomorrow is another day.

And a warning, as another day starts with a wetherspoon morning.


So strong

Sitting playing and shooting and further so speaking to a person in your ear piece who take’s precedence over people in your real life is now a norm. No not for my son with things to learn about life and how to share your time with your family and wife.

Sitting listening to bullying men with a cuddle for the joystick and a stern word for a partner who asks what time will you be home to fall asleep, as they ignore the urge to weep.

So strong the man with level 2 as his plan, better still if there’s two to prop up an ego with a promise so shallow to paddle is to take the piss, and drowning might just be asking why.

Are you making Two cry.


Yellow pages in a blue chest of drawers

 I once stole a yellow pages from off the steps

Of a lovely New York building

In a lovely Greenwich Village

My idea

Was to give it as a gift

To my brother

A something you can’t buy

I remember the yellow pages ending up in the top drawer

Of a blue chest of drawers i had left in my lovers garden

Later after we had sadly split up

I returned to her and her garden

To find the yellow pages intact in the blue chest of drawers

But of course out of date

Further i found that the blue chest of drawers

Was in more of a sad state than i wanted it to be in

I looked through the drawers for hours

Finding only life changing invoices

That were unpaid and very very late

Three Jacks


The first Jack I met was Jack Robinson. I was working at Corsica Studios and in he walked.
Jack had a vision and so much belief that soon his Vagabondz night was set.
After that at one of those nights I met the first Jacks Dad. In fact I will always remember that first meeting.

You see I didn’t know that the first Jacks Dad was Dave Robinson, part of British music history, and so full of stories about Stiff Records and more well I was in awe.
And I well knew that Jacks Dad was proud of his Son who inherits his ability to think outside of a mundane mainstream.
Yes this was the first fond of Jack I met.

Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson

The second Jack I met was Jack Tactics. A Jack with a genuine aura and a musician far beyond his recognition.
Once witnessing him songwriting with Tommy I got it. His brilliance is professional, and his friendship is perfect.
Jack and I meet somewhere in the middle on that mental plane, that place for friends  in the mind.
He’s creative and kind.
Yes I’m fully fond of the second Jack.

Jack Tactics
Jack Tactics

The third Jack is Jack Tyson Charles, a talent and a force. Although he’s the Jack I’ve known the least amount of time, the fondness that I formed for him on our first meeting was very apparent.
Saying you’ll have a listen to his songs is one thing, hearing them and getting it, enough to rave his praise to your friends is another.
This third fond of Jack has parents gifted with talent, who might give him a presence full of pride.
But the touch and the talent of this Jack is all his, with a gift he won’t be able to hide.

Jack Tyson Charles
Jack Tyson Charles