Hope we never meet and ruin it x

Out of all the people i’ve got to know As i pass through my time as all should be Searching for purpose on this breathtaking planet The people who i’ve overlapped this life with Shared and cared and given to more than some i should With all of that touch and meeting of minds andContinue reading “Hope we never meet and ruin it x”

So little did we know. by Paul Roberts

There are times that words just fail me When young I had hopes and things I told thee Of youth and hope and thoughts that made she A thing of beauty and outrageous heart Fucked up green pretty and a mouth to boot Thinking her agenda was only my heart to loot But I wasContinue reading “So little did we know. by Paul Roberts”

A Clapton Tale : by Paul Roberts

there was a little bar in clapton where the parrot flew free and you could go to any toilet when you needed a wee where the police were still happy that we took coke off the bar because they were so scared we might be murdered in our cars frequented by nutters all afternoon andContinue reading “A Clapton Tale : by Paul Roberts”

When the street blesses you. By Paul Roberts

No idea how I got here and how I came to be but on days like this when the sun shines through the trees And when i remember stealing a jacket from another homeless guy and a stranger pushing small change into my hands and a lover that I never want to meet but nowContinue reading “When the street blesses you. By Paul Roberts”