The Thaw – Paul Roberts

Winter can be long

Too easy to forget my song

Buried in the snow

Darkness tends to lay me low

Reflecting on things that we’ve lived through

The things we’ve said and done

Too easy to slip right back into

A place where there’s no sun

Am thankful for the thaw

Now I can see the grass beneath

So thankful for the thaw

Remembering things that I believe

There’s no point in mulling over

Some words are best unsaid

Turns out that the best place for them

Is racing round my head

Am thankful for the thaw

Now I can see the grass beneath

So thankful for the thaw

Remembering things that I believe

Am thankful for the thaw

I can see buds on the tree

So thankful for the thaw

Now I can see the you in me

So thankful for the thaw

So thankful for the thaw

So thankful for the thaw


Another Friend. by Paul Roberts

Another imaginary friend died today

I always thought that they would stay

Play music fill my world with words

With major chords and minor thirds

At the same time that they got older

We thrived we grew and we got bolder

And now that they are disappearing

Our duty to stand up is appearing

They taught us well the wizards sages

Express our hopes our dreams of ages

Demons angels and what we can teach

So listen people who can you reach

Our turn it is to stand up now

Tell the truth and have a row

Sing a song make the words rhyme

Every now and then commit a crime

Wear funny clothes don’t be afraid

Being weird might just get you laid

Tell your truth and be yourself

I will not promise eternal health

Those that live right on the wire

Looking into the light by the fire

They told us stories messages true

and even though it leaves us blue

They are gone we are the bearers

of the the things they ever taught us

Paul Roberts

For Spring to read when it get’s ears…….by Paul Roberts

One eye closed ;-( presents… 
The words these days lay heavy on my tongue

not like last week when I was young

I hope spring comes soon and with it my muse

Many more opinions I will blow my fuse

Don’t turn on the tv radio or read the paper

Things we took for granted saw them gone later

So many opinions so many misconstrued

So many hidden agendas beliefs egos bruised

Last years memes were full of hope

This years memes the hangmans rope

But in crowley tarot that means

A rebirth is on its way

Paul Roberts

All the thing i ever said.  by Paul Roberts


Looked at a photo last weekof a young man who did seek

to find some knowledge or wisdom

or discovering in drugs a kingdom

inside a barely informed mind

searching blindly for those of a kind

though incense shone in his eyes

still too young to buy the lies

oblivious to his own good looks

busy burying his head in books

only later did his brain freak

and his mind start to leak

leading to fixation on freedom

concentrating and consumed by income

his brain it had become entwined

as with the devil he had signed

he stopped looking at the whys

began to develop the disguise

that he continued to wear proudly

busy shouting his truth loudly

he awoke scratching at his beak

it will be okay with a tweak

just don’t get caught out by the boredom

or a lasting longing for some opium

in empty space there is nothing to find

not wise we find out we are blind

to the glory of air fire and ground

hiding ourselves from the sound

of the voices loudly in my head

and all the things I ever said

Paul Roberts

Be Human! by Paul Roberts

Politics of fear are on my mind

What the devil will I find

A phrase here and another there

Swear dead no fascism here

No mention of migrant black or jew

Great scheme of things only a few

In times of hardship we think too little

Our minds they turn to the all too fickle

Looking in vain for someome to blame

It only contributes to the flames

Of hatred and bile and the dead soul

I cannot agree with something so foul

Because love and nurture is what there is

Humanity life caring and lessons learnt

Remember all those who actually burnt

In history we may find

a way forward to be kind

to those in genuine need

from wherever they come

PAul Roberts ❤️

Luna..  Dolina .. by Paul Roberts

Old photos are not like mirrors

i see that boy between the fissures

the occaisonal fire in my eyes

the ghost of youth that it belies

when I look back now at images

my face before it had ridges

I see only the times inbetween

and all the things that I have seen

the people met and the drugs taking

experience brings beauty and awakening

each groove proves a lesson learnt

every line in my heart a poem burnt

now and then I drop the disguise

dance in a field and forget the lies

for a night or two that lad again

especially when it pisses with rain

dancing with abandon and falling over

waking up with my face in clover

a smile and thoughts so silly

because none of us grow up really

in 20 years I’ll look back at me

and a young boy is all I’ll see
Paul Roberts

Hope we never meet and ruin it x

Out of all the people i’ve got to know

As i pass through my time as all should be

Searching for purpose on this breathtaking planet

The people who i’ve overlapped this life with

Shared and cared and given to more than some i should

With all of that touch and meeting of minds and yet, and yet

I still haven’t met

Paul Roberts who shares more than his words

When he shares his thoughts behind each letter

And makes me smile

As i get him

Just for that while x

So little did we know. by Paul Roberts

There are times that words just fail me

When young I had hopes and things I told thee

Of youth and hope and thoughts that made she

A thing of beauty and outrageous heart

Fucked up green pretty and a mouth to boot

Thinking her agenda was only my heart to loot

But I was just a side show in her glorious life

And after years of real strife

We meet again and twenty years have passed

Affection passes fleetingly

From eye to eye

So little did we know

How deeply affection grows
Paul Roberts

moments in time.   by Paul Roberts

Some moments in time are sent to beat you

their aim is wrong

I write this song

to let you know

you can reap them

Some moments in time

were sent to defeat me

somehow I survive

and am still alive

to let you know

it is despite them

Some moments in time

are sent to treat us

with a good trick

they make us sick

to let us know

that you can beat you

Some moments in time

are sent to keep us

but leave us only weeping

your history reeping

the things we all knew

don’t want to be you

Some moments in time

are sent to seat us

to keep us grounded

even though wounded

we knew they flew

don’t want to know you

Some people in time

are sent to make you

those feelings we bury

there is no levy

the one i feel

it is i who sees thee

Some moments in time

are sent to release us

we see common sense

some recompensce

in my heart i know

i want to be me

Paul Roberts