Another Friend. by Paul Roberts

Another imaginary friend died today I always thought that they would stay Play music fill my world with words With major chords and minor thirds At the same time that they got older We thrived we grew and we got bolder And now that they are disappearing Our duty to stand up is appearing TheyContinue reading “Another Friend. by Paul Roberts”

For Spring to read when it get’s ears…….by Paul Roberts

One eye closed ;-( presents…  The words these days lay heavy on my tongue not like last week when I was young I hope spring comes soon and with it my muse Many more opinions I will blow my fuse Don’t turn on the tv radio or read the paper Things we took for grantedContinue reading “For Spring to read when it get’s ears…….by Paul Roberts”

All the thing i ever said.  by Paul Roberts

Looked at a photo last weekof a young man who did seek to find some knowledge or wisdom or discovering in drugs a kingdom inside a barely informed mind searching blindly for those of a kind though incense shone in his eyes still too young to buy the lies oblivious to his own good looksContinue reading “All the thing i ever said.  by Paul Roberts”

Luna..  Dolina .. by Paul Roberts

Old photos are not like mirrors i see that boy between the fissures the occaisonal fire in my eyes the ghost of youth that it belies when I look back now at images my face before it had ridges I see only the times inbetween and all the things that I have seen the peopleContinue reading “Luna..  Dolina .. by Paul Roberts”

Hope we never meet and ruin it x

Out of all the people i’ve got to know As i pass through my time as all should be Searching for purpose on this breathtaking planet The people who i’ve overlapped this life with Shared and cared and given to more than some i should With all of that touch and meeting of minds andContinue reading “Hope we never meet and ruin it x”

So little did we know. by Paul Roberts

There are times that words just fail me When young I had hopes and things I told thee Of youth and hope and thoughts that made she A thing of beauty and outrageous heart Fucked up green pretty and a mouth to boot Thinking her agenda was only my heart to loot But I wasContinue reading “So little did we know. by Paul Roberts”