Safe x

Fox found him frightened and so cold that his scared soul prepared to take flight.

It would be the last fright his soul felt, as now an envelope of love fought to care.

For his frail empathic being, such as it was and loved.

By all in silent deep resolve.

For more than ever.



Who said?

Someone said the powers off.

In the old house.

No don’t drink the water from the tap.

In the old house.

People sat cold and thirsty in darkness.

In the old house.

The door to the garden of the old house is locked tight.

Because the garden is full of danger.

Someone said, some stranger.

Then some other stranger says who said the powers off?

And soon the fuse is fixed and lights lit.

This water tastes fine he added, as he filled his cup and burst open the door to the garden.

In the garden he looked back at the beauty of the old house.

As everyone smiled and drank and enjoyed.

Apart from someone.


Fake Brompton, fake fags, fake tags on my fake false half ready to part bake bread.

Is China for real? As one which fake magazine once was supposed to have said.

Well it’s as heavy as lead!

Would they fake the thing that save’s a life?

Or abuse and disrespect a wife?

Not a real wife but a fake.

No it’s not the China sea, it’s a lake.

Country and Dylan..

Nashville Skyline… X

Taken outside My first flat only pic i had ..

Listening to nashville skyline now, I feel as fond for it as the first fireplace I had when I first bought it and loved it lot’s

In my second flat On Bingham Road in Sherwood Nott’s.

Thinking back to that flat, and the time and place when at 21 I felt so free.

When the girl in the top flat’s cat always came in my window and cuddled up with me.

And parked outside was my yellow T reg Citroen 2cv.

Listening to Nashville Skyline now evokes a happy memory.

Taking me back the 27 years to my flat with memories of smiles not frowns

(And my Saturday night shift in Brownes. 😊)