pauliepaul Verses The World


When The Best Parties Ended

When the best parties ended.

With Corsica still full of that familiar ‘got it right’ fond happiness.

Moist from wet foreheads and lost damp coats in corners.

Corsica happiness despite the broken Budvar bottles, half started soaked loo rolls.

Strewn across more than all area’s


Sometimes the power of the party couldn’t be halted.

At times like these, which – rare but plenty.

If I’m being honest.

If i’m being true.

Well at times like these we would crack on through.
The after party decks played out the perfect set.

A so closed bar – so closed and yet… Adrian and Amanda would nod me a say so – for their more than generous drinks.

I would beg Adrian to play “Well What About Ponderosa?”

Every time I would see “Where is it?” as where it he thinks.
When the best parties ended I would see Amanda so happy.

Holding court with Adrian, and in control.

Off the Best Small club, the only club with a soul.

When the best parties ended, In the extreme.

Normally a Low Life, with it’s Low Life loves you theme.
The flower market called – and with a clink of glass on the last double……

Well – Thats what happened when the best parties ended…

When you next see Adrian, if you talk about this. Just say “Well What About Ponderosa?”

I’ll probably still be deciding whether to rhyme double – with Trouble…

6 0 clock and all is well x

Sighing into a paper bag as 6 0 clock loomed larger.

That’s what i was doing officer Prada.

I stay well out of the way of designer high Street sales now.

That i insure my car with Saga.


At 6 0 clock they wheel me to a window with a view.

There i see along with the other picked out special few.

What they want us to see.

A sight for sore eyes through a window of lies.

Until everybody dies.

A You


You have done nothing wrong.

Except for far from being you.

For the 4th time along.

But true to life you feel what is sadly sane.

The same game, but –

Do you still feel you need to burst.

Fourth again?

And as the years pass it’s not so strange to be.

Without pain, or gain.

As the clock ticks it’s time to reclaim.

A life.

A you.

And thats no shame.

Far free from blame.

Someone Died on the Autoroute.

Someone died on the autoroute.

A son, a father and husband.

One minute alive.

The next dead.

A driving error.

They said.

Was the cause of death on the autoroute.

As a daughter, mother and wife.

Fight for life.

To live in sorrow for every tomorrow.

They live after the death.

On the autoroute.


Safe x

Fox found him frightened and so cold that his scared soul prepared to take flight.

It would be the last fright his soul felt, as now an envelope of love fought to care.

For his frail empathic being, such as it was and loved.

By all in silent deep resolve.

For more than ever.


Who said?

Someone said the powers off.

In the old house.

No don’t drink the water from the tap.

In the old house.

People sat cold and thirsty in darkness.

In the old house.

The door to the garden of the old house is locked tight.

Because the garden is full of danger.

Someone said, some stranger.

Then some other stranger says who said the powers off?

And soon the fuse is fixed and lights lit.

This water tastes fine he added, as he filled his cup and burst open the door to the garden.

In the garden he looked back at the beauty of the old house.

As everyone smiled and drank and enjoyed.

Apart from someone.