When I’m Old and What I’ll do

When I’m old & living on some Cornish coast I’ll remember my Mum and Dad & smile Because my heart will be smiling When I’m old I’ll wish I’d loved them more  But my heart will say you couldn’t have And when I’m old my mind will carry Mum & Dad with me  Wherever I goContinue reading “When I’m Old and What I’ll do”

The Monkey With The Magic Power

The monkey with the magic power  Sought to set the planet right He put humans on the Falkland Islands And on the Isle of White His attention turned to suffering animals Their persecuted plight Wild domestic tame, each horrific sight The more monkey saw the more he would cry Terrified animals screaming queuing to dieContinue reading “The Monkey With The Magic Power”

When The Best Parties Ended

When the best parties ended. With Corsica still full of that familiar ‘got it right’ fond happiness. Moist from wet foreheads and lost damp coats in corners. Corsica happiness despite the broken Budvar bottles, half started soaked loo rolls. Strewn across more than all area’s   Sometimes the power of the party couldn’t be halted.Continue reading “When The Best Parties Ended”