For Palm Oil?

For palm oil then?

The reason behind the suffering!

To put in a product for the purpose of profit?

Are you all mad?

Do you sleep soundly listening to the cry’s

As another gentle animal dies!

leaving it’s young to starve and paw the ground.

For palm oil then?

You mad selfish faceless bastards!

Will have to answer at some time..

For this crime!


call it what you like

Discount is the profit they stick on to take the piss

But oh how clever you feel

As you do the deal and he says your breaking my heart

When he comes back from his managers say

Get him to say yes today

But we want him to take a little longer to pay

Not caring about him in any way

We negotiate

If he signs over four years he will struggle to feed his son

We will make a profit and say we have won

And celebrate

Pay and have love

Making allowances for a lover Is so much more straight forward If the bills and hols are paid for.

It’s oh and do correct me if i’m wrong.

Stay out late and fuck away but please stay.

Oh though, so much harder to make allowances.

For the man or lover who’s going for a song.

He takes too long.

Pass him by he couldn’t pay.

For your investment and then think this.

When you meet a lover make an allowance.

For a kind soul or a wealthy goal?

And see who’s real.

And who is whole.

life in easy payments 

Spending a lifetime paying for a life.

And watch the wealth divide go.

It cost’s a lot to pay for a wealthy life

And the point is

The most valuable thing belongs to who?

A billionaire banker looks very similar to a career fosterer…

On the cold stone slab.

When we add it up.

And the point is.

The most valuable things belong to who?

Who is getting Tesco’s profit up?

After he’s got the shares up and his life is closing as he counts his days.

Can he ask why and for who he profited from food for?

And the point is.

As he lies on his bed waiting to die.

Looking back.

Would he still put chocolate at children high?

To profit who?

A Man?

A Shop?

Who is all the money for?

Would but it could buy a cuddle for a baby ….

A short life to pay for x



i’m so sure it was this way You see I remember being lost here before.

On some other set off in hope journey.

Yes we asked the man with the faded face, If he knew where we were.

Where i was?

He didn’t, well why would he?

But his faded face half cracked a faded smile.

We were sure he said carry on straight.

For two half’s of a country mile.

Arriving was… Here we are!

i knew i was sure it was this way.

After i thought though, I was so sure of it being that way.

That i forgot to say to the man with the faded face.

See you soon.


In his defence.

Just because he’s standing in a shop window it doesn’t make him a dummy

Said his defence

Just because he bullies it doesn’t make him strong

Said his defence

Just because he was caught, it doesn’t explain why

For the rest of the victims – wife’s – life

She will want to cry

Trying to understand why

Her kind loving Man who cared for all

Had to die

Said his defence


Was It was worth the wealth?

Remembering a homeless concert pianist.

What are we worth without the wealth?
A concert pianist is as skilled as nature.
But homeless with bad mental health he is worthless.
And when he lies in his death bed next to the man who made millions from standing in sun beds.
Measuring worth and wealth will be far harder to do.
And harder still as the pocket of the homeless pianist contains a timeless concerto.
That will bring him praise and fame from far beyond his homeless grave.
Wish i could ask him if it was worth it.