Friends of Dash

Please think about helping a friend of Dash's x
Please think about helping a friend of Dash’s x

As Dash settled into his new donkey life, to think he’d forget his past donkey strife would be wrong. Soon his back will ache enough to remind him of his friends still sighing with the weight of stupid abuse.
Don’t shout of human poverty to Dash, because your human poverty is brought about by stupid humanity.
Dash would smile as he helped if he was loved, feeling loved Dash would give you more than help.
Being Human is not just about being stupid, being human is looking into a donkeys eyes to see his pain.
As you gain what?
For every beating you gave Dash’s friend, I would remind you harshly of histories lesson.
Being stupid is no excuse for being barbaric.



Do you see? ..

Alanna Miller x
Alanna Miller (from blind cat rescue)

Spending your life looking after the cats that can’t see, or selling twitter followers to people you pounce on to make a pointless Pound?

Do you see?

It can’t be just me?

Grabbing for a name only fame, or giving your whole adult life to foster a family of children?

Who now have the skills to save themselves and still have emotion left to cry as they remember now and wonder how?

The Foster carer knew to turn her back? As she took the full force of all their flack. Then silently turned with a smile, as she walked them through.

Life’s next mile.

All the while steering them towards approaching the love they need for a life worth living and sharing and giving.

Do you see?

It can’t be just me?

I know it’s not .


Natural affection rules ok

Nature before fear
Nature before fear

Getting back to the affection we feel, forgetting the smokescreen and remembering how it feels to feel and care and what comes naturally of course is to be human and that is caring.

Not killing! over a definition of what God says?

And how dare you bring a God into your beard  growing women degrading offensive stupidity.

Because in his infinite wisdom a God of us all said never kill animals and children.

He said cuddle animals and children! and don’t go on a blood thirsty pointless rampage because your so stupid you’ve forgot kindness.

It’s heartbreakingly mindless but as a race we need to die.

And we all know why.


I saw a Leopard Smiling at a Dog x


They had lived next door to each other for years and had only just met.
The dog ran a rehab for fox’s in the day and was a cat liaison officer at night.
The leopard was on the door at the Kit Kat club on Greek street.
They met on a landing in a block of flats on the Holloway Road.
Out of respect the dog avoided putting the leapard into a corner as they passed on the stairs ..he didn’t know that the leapard had seen him helping the fox’s and was in awe of his kindness and his ability to reason with feuding tom cats..
One night on his way home leopard was walking through Camden Town. His usual route home to Holloway Heights.
Tonight leopard heard a yelp and then another, he raced around the corner to find much to his surprise his dog neighbour fighting for his life as 2 much bigger dogs had him cornered.
Leopard snarled and pounced sending one and then the other Rottweiler flying. They were big but no match for her and as they ran they counted their lucky scratch marks.
Dog was in a bad way, his eyes were closed and leopard was worried. She licked his wounds and using her feline power hoisted dog onto her back and headed for home.
She passed Kentish Town and was soon on The Holloway Road at the door to her block. Dog whimpered as she placed him on her bed and as the leopard licked the dogs wounds until morning, they seemed to heal.
In the morning when dog awoke.
I saw a dog smiling at a leopard x

pauliepaul x



When Johnny Weissmuller was Tarzan


When Johnny Weissmuller was Tarzan he would break the hunters rifles in half.
But when they were in trouble he always ended up helping them, although my Dad said it was because Jane told him to.

Dad said he wasn’t under the thumb, he just knew how to look after his Jane.

When Johnny Weissmuller was Tarzan he protected the ancient elephant graveyard with his life.
My Dad said that the hunters who searched and tried to trick Tarzan to find the elephant graveyard would always be poor. Even with all the money in the world.

When Johnny Weissmuller was Tarzan he was the richest man in the world. Jane and Boy really loved him and he loved them.

Apart from the times when the hunters tried to screw him over, his life was brilliant. And the Earth and the animals seemed a lot safer.

Can’t help wishing Johnny Weissmuller was Tarzan again.


One night at Corsica (studios) and the story of The Dude

Jack looking left Dude lookin right x
Jack looking left Dude looking right, my washing on the line

One night at Corsica many years ago, Joe pulled up outside in his camper, opened the door and Dude got out.
Dude was the loveliest dog, still dosed by the vet for his journey to his lovely new life.
Joe was straight off the ferry and the Dude was the luckiest lovely dog, because even on death row in Portugal where Jack had met his friend, the Dude was on team Joe.

I’m not saying he had a false dog passport, but he -did- might have had if it was needed.
Of course this is all an urban myth, but if you ever go to Derby and you hear people talking about the time Joe got the Dude out of Portugal and then on through passport control….

Well the story started many years ago.
And it started one night at Corsica.


Long ago in Soho Sqaure

Look close at the tree x
Look close at the tree x

Round and about in Soho Sqaure, attatched to a tree in the north corner is a bird box.
The box is empty now but long ago housed a lonely blackbird who sat at the entrance of his make shift home every day waiting.
He waited and waited and often forgot to eat in case he missed the moment when his love returned.
As the weeks passed he grew weak and his friends would carry food for him and put it outside the box for him to eat.
The blackbird said thank you but never ate the food and his friends were sad for him.
One day the blackbird lay silient at the foot of the tree and waited for the last time.