When The Best Parties Ended

When the best parties ended.

With Corsica still full of that familiar ‘got it right’ fond happiness.

Moist from wet foreheads and lost damp coats in corners.

Corsica happiness despite the broken Budvar bottles, half started soaked loo rolls.

Strewn across more than all area’s


Sometimes the power of the party couldn’t be halted.

At times like these, which – rare but plenty.

If I’m being honest.

If i’m being true.

Well at times like these we would crack on through.
The after party decks played out the perfect set.

A so closed bar – so closed and yet… Adrian and Amanda would nod me a say so – for their more than generous drinks.

I would beg Adrian to play “Well What About Ponderosa?”

Every time I would see “Where is it?” as where it he thinks.
When the best parties ended I would see Amanda so happy.

Holding court with Adrian, and in control.

Off the Best Small club, the only club with a soul.

When the best parties ended, In the extreme.

Normally a Low Life, with it’s Low Life loves you theme.
The flower market called – and with a clink of glass on the last double……

Well – Thats what happened when the best parties ended…

When you next see Adrian, if you talk about this. Just say “Well What About Ponderosa?”

I’ll probably still be deciding whether to rhyme double – with Trouble…

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