A You


You have done nothing wrong.

Except for far from being you.

For the 4th time along.

But true to life you feel what is sadly sane.

The same game, but –

Do you still feel you need to burst.

Fourth again?

And as the years pass it’s not so strange to be.

Without pain, or gain.

As the clock ticks it’s time to reclaim.

A life.

A you.

And thats no shame.

Far free from blame.


Someone Died on the Autoroute.

Someone died on the autoroute.

A son, a father and husband.

One minute alive.

The next dead.

A driving error.

They said.

Was the cause of death on the autoroute.

As a daughter, mother and wife.

Fight for life.

To live in sorrow for every tomorrow.

They live after the death.

On the autoroute.