Another Friend. by Paul Roberts

Another imaginary friend died today

I always thought that they would stay

Play music fill my world with words

With major chords and minor thirds

At the same time that they got older

We thrived we grew and we got bolder

And now that they are disappearing

Our duty to stand up is appearing

They taught us well the wizards sages

Express our hopes our dreams of ages

Demons angels and what we can teach

So listen people who can you reach

Our turn it is to stand up now

Tell the truth and have a row

Sing a song make the words rhyme

Every now and then commit a crime

Wear funny clothes don’t be afraid

Being weird might just get you laid

Tell your truth and be yourself

I will not promise eternal health

Those that live right on the wire

Looking into the light by the fire

They told us stories messages true

and even though it leaves us blue

They are gone we are the bearers

of the the things they ever taught us

Paul Roberts

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