Oh well, i may think again.

Well fool me for a minute when things looked like we wore like minds.

When carried along with care and the thought that we all might share.

A common thread that would given time, unite us all, in one fair just fight.

Was shattered in the dark light as a glimpse of the evil of men.

Sinks me back into my former thinking again.

Sorry x


Do not disturb!

If we were frightened we were told not to let it show.

So as not to upset the new burglar.

In training to enter our closed window.

And rifle through drawers.

To take what is mine.

Then what is yours.

For Mitch and his type x

It’s not the same like minds or the same shared like times.

It’s invisible to the ordinary eye.

To everyone apart from those who feel it then they see it shine as bright.

As a brilliant setting sun reflecting off the sea.

Of course we like the same like minds, the precious shared times.

So much we may  be invisible to other ordinary minds.

The unspoken connect we feel that has no end.

That is silently thought and fully felt for a friend.

At least for a while x

This is for anyone feeling alone, anyone scared and facing a nothing.

This is for anyone or animal trapped, pacing with any hope missing.

This is to feel how they feel, in the hope that they know.

That we want to change it all so much so.

One day soon we can all sit and smile.

Well at least i can hope.

Well at least for a while……

For Spring to read when it get’s ears…….by Paul Roberts

One eye closed ;-( presents… 
The words these days lay heavy on my tongue

not like last week when I was young

I hope spring comes soon and with it my muse

Many more opinions I will blow my fuse

Don’t turn on the tv radio or read the paper

Things we took for granted saw them gone later

So many opinions so many misconstrued

So many hidden agendas beliefs egos bruised

Last years memes were full of hope

This years memes the hangmans rope

But in crowley tarot that means

A rebirth is on its way

Paul Roberts