Half time

The doorbell rang at bedtime one night and I said who can that be i’m not answering, I didn’t but i wish I had ….

Opening the door i was greeted to ten men in pyjamas
One said can we have our ball back, yes I said but just one of you go and you’ll have to come through and I don’t want you trapesing mud back through on my fitted carpet

He came back with the ball and I said what are you playing at anyway and they all together said five a side

The man on the ball said we all live in that row of terrace houses and liking five a side we all knocked through but her at number 27 hates football so when your running in on goal you have to come out of number 25 and then cut in at number 29 sometimes the ball goes astray this time it came off the top of the post box and here we are

I began to understand
Is that your caravan I furthered and a unanimous yes forced me to ask the man on the ball why it was on my front lawn awning and all

The man on the ball said at half time we all go in and have a bit of a cuddle he asked me if I’d like to play.

I said is it half time yet he said yes I said I’ll just go and get my pyjamas on.

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