Getting Bowie at least twice x

For me it was twice.

I knew of course he was always there.

And you had to share him with everyone.


Ashley who i miss, loved Bowie so much.

And at that time, in that Forest Road flat.

I didn’t get the musician level that Ashley got.

But I had had my first being touched by Bowie already.

Which meant i could agree.

A lot!

I was 7 when i heard of a Starman.

Waiting in the sky.

It was oh so magic for me.

And might have  helped years later.

My muddled mind to be free?

I’m so sure my older sister stacked it up to drop.

Sandwiched in between,  “you wear it well…” Rod.

And David “could it be forever?”

For me though it was twice.

I always liked and knew he was there.

As i shared him with everyone.


With Jenny who I still sometime’s randomly meet.

When I have to park near her flat on Wedmore street.

Where we danced and laughed like a couple of Kooks.

Which for me was the twice.


My heart was touched by the brilliance of Bowie. ♥️


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