Diary of a Nephilim : part one

Ged had used his power only twice since his unfortunate marooning. Once was to save a soldier in 1914 and twice was to create for himself a vast amount of wealth which he cleverly and naughtily linked to this life, and any future one. To restrain the guilt he felt for such a selfish tamper, he angelically decided that the enormous vulgar amount of human related wealth would be used for the good of some of mankind.He had read and loved the ‘The Count of Monty Cristo” in both of the lives he had lived since it was written; after-all…

I should at this point explain that Ged was once an integral part of the beautiful majesty known to most as heaven.

To Ged though that all seems like lifetimes ago. (Sorry)

Following on with the line of my previous sentence i feel at this point i should explain Ged’s other use of his power.

All the details will follow later in the book, but not wanting to leave you hanging on, i’ll quickly talk about George Harvey. A regular soldier who walked into to the Great war with a friend from his village. A friend whose name was Ged, and a friend who would learn and feel for the first time how it felt to have a brother.

What George’s spiritual brother did i will talk about later as i mentioned, but in no mans land in the Somme in 1914 as shells and gas rained down on Ged and Tom, Ged broke his code, and created another soul for his fallen brother. A soul that was protected with all the power of life itself. A soul that would see the end of the first world war and grow old with happiness.

For those who new him and said that he had a guardian angel. Well they were not so far from the truth.
The beginning
Long ago Ged had a clear path, uncomplicated and with what seemed to be with purpose. This path and purpose has long since drifted out of a memory which was becoming more and more mortal. Being buried by one theory, belief or another.

One memory remains however, about the beginning and the choice he made. To descend to this lovely planet earth. To taste the fruit and see the beauty of all it’s content.

Oh but what a choice, to give away your being and become something else. With the warning that there will be no undoing the drastic action shouted loud and ringing in all of your life’s ears.


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