S A S 

 Oh You and your S A S selecting ways

Your so tough i swear i could swoon

Bet you have he who dares on your pyjamas

And no cuddles allowed on your vest

Because your mum doesn’t know what’s best

And learning to kill in many secret ways

Isn’t at all like children playing action man at war

I’m sure



All the thing i ever said.  by Paul Roberts


Looked at a photo last weekof a young man who did seek

to find some knowledge or wisdom

or discovering in drugs a kingdom

inside a barely informed mind

searching blindly for those of a kind

though incense shone in his eyes

still too young to buy the lies

oblivious to his own good looks

busy burying his head in books

only later did his brain freak

and his mind start to leak

leading to fixation on freedom

concentrating and consumed by income

his brain it had become entwined

as with the devil he had signed

he stopped looking at the whys

began to develop the disguise

that he continued to wear proudly

busy shouting his truth loudly

he awoke scratching at his beak

it will be okay with a tweak

just don’t get caught out by the boredom

or a lasting longing for some opium

in empty space there is nothing to find

not wise we find out we are blind

to the glory of air fire and ground

hiding ourselves from the sound

of the voices loudly in my head

and all the things I ever said

Paul Roberts

Why again?

Sorry about the delay they say

We’ll try to get you back from Egypt’s fortified resort

But not today how we tried

All we can say is sorry

Some plane exploded, and real people died

Yet only their family sigh and cry


I wish more and more for world wide dementia

Because i think it’s worth a try

Will they still kill each other

If they can’t remember why?