For Fiona x

Funny thing when your love says you’ll like her.

Lovely when you know that you do.

Funny when her cat wants to kill you.

Lovely, when what her cat needs and what her cat gets.

Is her love and care.

Funny when she says she’s not doing enough.

Lovely when you know that she is.

That she could easily measure much more than enough.

For as much as seen is hidden, secretly glowing.

Seing is feeling and all part of the knowing.

And of the smiling which shines with you showing.

Why it’s so effortless easy.

To love Fiona.



Be Human! by Paul Roberts

Politics of fear are on my mind

What the devil will I find

A phrase here and another there

Swear dead no fascism here

No mention of migrant black or jew

Great scheme of things only a few

In times of hardship we think too little

Our minds they turn to the all too fickle

Looking in vain for someome to blame

It only contributes to the flames

Of hatred and bile and the dead soul

I cannot agree with something so foul

Because love and nurture is what there is

Humanity life caring and lessons learnt

Remember all those who actually burnt

In history we may find

a way forward to be kind

to those in genuine need

from wherever they come

PAul Roberts ❤️

Luna..  Dolina .. by Paul Roberts

Old photos are not like mirrors

i see that boy between the fissures

the occaisonal fire in my eyes

the ghost of youth that it belies

when I look back now at images

my face before it had ridges

I see only the times inbetween

and all the things that I have seen

the people met and the drugs taking

experience brings beauty and awakening

each groove proves a lesson learnt

every line in my heart a poem burnt

now and then I drop the disguise

dance in a field and forget the lies

for a night or two that lad again

especially when it pisses with rain

dancing with abandon and falling over

waking up with my face in clover

a smile and thoughts so silly

because none of us grow up really

in 20 years I’ll look back at me

and a young boy is all I’ll see
Paul Roberts

For my friend Michele Chapman Sweeny

Sometimes when you know a friendship will last

because you see sincere reflecting back and forth from first meet faces

Seeing sincere reflecting is such a look after lovely way

To introduce to you, how you know you’ll feel

Then slowly with time as you both get to know

You were always both so right to show

Ease and smiles when each time you meet

In different times and happy birthday places

You both now see as friendships do

Sincere reflecting more

It shines back and forth as was before

But now in between fully formed friends

With kind heart faces

For a time with Chris and Fred x

Searching for the Dude one sunny Sunday

Sitting smiling in the back of Chris’s open top Triumph

With all the ingredients for a perfect Caucasian

To share with 2 people i will always feel more than affection for

As the feeling from Sunday became Champagne Monday

Without knowing cementing with bubbles

A perfectly placed memory and friendship

I will treasure

For as long as for i have forever

Afternoon by Dorothy Parker 


When I am old, and comforted,

And done with this desire,

With Memory to share my bed

And Peace to share my fire,

I’ll comb my hair in scalloped bands

Beneath my laundered cap,

And watch my cool and fragile hands

Lie light upon my lap.

And I will have a sprigged gown

With lace to kiss my throat;

I’ll draw my curtain to the town,

And hum a purring note.

And I’ll forget the way of tears,

And rock, and stir my tea.

But oh, I wish those blessed years

Were further than they be!
Dorothy Parker

Be careful who you save.

The boy who bought and saved from certain death.

The pit pony that saved his Fathers life.

Then ruined his life.

And cost him his wife.

Was close to cracking in the homeless doorway.

He lonely shared with a sleeping Tony.

The life saving – ‘s gambling away alcoholic pony.

Which was named for fun after Blair endorsing.

A piss taking pony that had ruined the life.

And cost him his wife.

After years ago.

Saving his Fathers life.

Boy what a lesson.

The boy who thought about the girl who sasheid home x

She smiled as she sasheid home, for as more than as long as she could –

Hope it would last.

Not false and fake as in the past.

But real so your free to feel.

Without being armed with caution.

To protect from nights of tears.

And Sunday night fears.


Cautiously  grinned as he passed his garden gate.

Knowing this cause for grinning was in the hands.

Of someone else’s heart.

And already it hurt him to be apart.

As he felt for the last time alone.

Thinking about the girl.

Who sasheid home.

Hope we never meet and ruin it x

Out of all the people i’ve got to know

As i pass through my time as all should be

Searching for purpose on this breathtaking planet

The people who i’ve overlapped this life with

Shared and cared and given to more than some i should

With all of that touch and meeting of minds and yet, and yet

I still haven’t met

Paul Roberts who shares more than his words

When he shares his thoughts behind each letter

And makes me smile

As i get him

Just for that while x

So little did we know. by Paul Roberts

There are times that words just fail me

When young I had hopes and things I told thee

Of youth and hope and thoughts that made she

A thing of beauty and outrageous heart

Fucked up green pretty and a mouth to boot

Thinking her agenda was only my heart to loot

But I was just a side show in her glorious life

And after years of real strife

We meet again and twenty years have passed

Affection passes fleetingly

From eye to eye

So little did we know

How deeply affection grows
Paul Roberts