call it what you like

Discount is the profit they stick on to take the piss

But oh how clever you feel

As you do the deal and he says your breaking my heart

When he comes back from his managers say

Get him to say yes today

But we want him to take a little longer to pay

Not caring about him in any way

We negotiate

If he signs over four years he will struggle to feed his son

We will make a profit and say we have won

And celebrate


Space to change.. by Clayton Clarke

One thing I have realised with this thing we all call like.

Everybody has there own reasons for being who they are.

We all should get to know as many persons as we can.

You never know when that person might change.

Because you gave them the space to.
Clayton Clarke

For Fred X

Mark and Fred just looking who they are xx
Mark and Fred just looking who they are xx

Oh Fred just arrived, my lovely Jo’s lovely friend

Feeling comfortably smiling i remember the first and the last time we met

The first time meeting a person who stood there to help my future love and Daisy girl

Was in a happy kitchen.

When under an elvis clock, sat a filled with a lovely man elvis onesie. Who sat with Daisy and watched TV, and

showed her care which i could see

Oh Fred just arrived and now i remember

Not the first or the second but the last time we met

As drunk as a skunk my jive lesson in the canal bar as i got closer

To being more pissed than i’ve ever been

And so

Produced my finest jive performance

Anyone has ever seen
Love you Fred


moments in time.   by Paul Roberts

Some moments in time are sent to beat you

their aim is wrong

I write this song

to let you know

you can reap them

Some moments in time

were sent to defeat me

somehow I survive

and am still alive

to let you know

it is despite them

Some moments in time

are sent to treat us

with a good trick

they make us sick

to let us know

that you can beat you

Some moments in time

are sent to keep us

but leave us only weeping

your history reeping

the things we all knew

don’t want to be you

Some moments in time

are sent to seat us

to keep us grounded

even though wounded

we knew they flew

don’t want to know you

Some people in time

are sent to make you

those feelings we bury

there is no levy

the one i feel

it is i who sees thee

Some moments in time

are sent to release us

we see common sense

some recompensce

in my heart i know

i want to be me

Paul Roberts

Pay and have love

Making allowances for a lover Is so much more straight forward If the bills and hols are paid for.

It’s oh and do correct me if i’m wrong.

Stay out late and fuck away but please stay.

Oh though, so much harder to make allowances.

For the man or lover who’s going for a song.

He takes too long.

Pass him by he couldn’t pay.

For your investment and then think this.

When you meet a lover make an allowance.

For a kind soul or a wealthy goal?

And see who’s real.

And who is whole.

Trying to visit a friend

Tried to call round to a friends house

Time to catch up i thought

But alas as i passed the house to park

I saw someone else leaving the not so familiar friends front door

The friendly CooP was now in ruins, a wasteland even now i thought

With two and two making more than they should

I headed for the ring road as anyone would

Thinking i did what i could, but it all went wrong

Had it really been that long?

for Za Za

Energy you get from Za Za will always nudge you too

Towards feeling Cookie as smile you will always do

Because following is the Spirit you feel from Za Za which is still very free

And still very pure

Although we’re not as close these days

As behind a Corsica office door

I feel “four ones” now and yet lovingly still remember and adore

My fond adventures with Za Za from before
Big cuddle and did you get the Cillit Bang?

For Mouse

Well my first meeting was fleet

But when you first feel an energy so strong, then

Stories from my lovely Jo just add

And further that feeling to grow

So my second meeting as we drive and park and meet and smile and greet

Mouse, as she is surrounded by her positive weekend plan

And still i hear more from each good friend as they speak

Then i watched in awe as she feeds and cares and shares and shines

I didn’t think to See still more as she feels

Still with that touch to touch her feel for what or who she knows

Might need her word or her whisper or her sigh

And i get her more on our second meeting

As we all know why