two drunks don’t make a right

Well what are you supposed to do?

Sit back and blank a thoughtless stupid sentence

Or say actually no

That is so far from being acceptable it associates you with being

The type of person

My Dad would say was a

So and So.

Well what are you supposed to do?

If when your bread van says your wrong?

Be wrong.



A goat and a garden

Sometimes all i want is a garden with a goat in.

In the garden the goat and i would be equals.

Taking in turn the work and things that equals do, in gardens.

When we fell out, which might happen often  i may add.

Both being stubborn, I think we might stare at each other all day, and be sad.

And we wouldn’t i’m sure get much garden work done.

That i can say.

We would alway’s silently care for each other.

But probably not for the garden that much.

I would poke about in it a bit, and sit long and thoughtful under goat and I’s tree.

Wishing goat wasn’t so as stubbon as me…

Then goat would come and lie beside and as i feel his unmoveable strength

I smile because we got what we wanted x

words for a friend x


Oh the words for a stranger are so far from these

Meeting is so passe, yet I feel we have met in our minds

More than many times on one or more like minded thought

And when soon i meet and greet feeling happy as we speak

With our hearts smiling

Sharon English i would hope

Would make me a cup of tea in Scotland

Could i count on some shortbread

From a tartan tin

Well yes and as we drink tea and talk with ease

You would see that the words for a stranger are so far far from these. X



i’m so sure it was this way You see I remember being lost here before.

On some other set off in hope journey.

Yes we asked the man with the faded face, If he knew where we were.

Where i was?

He didn’t, well why would he?

But his faded face half cracked a faded smile.

We were sure he said carry on straight.

For two half’s of a country mile.

Arriving was… Here we are!

i knew i was sure it was this way.

After i thought though, I was so sure of it being that way.

That i forgot to say to the man with the faded face.

See you soon.


In his defence.

Just because he’s standing in a shop window it doesn’t make him a dummy

Said his defence

Just because he bullies it doesn’t make him strong

Said his defence

Just because he was caught, it doesn’t explain why

For the rest of the victims – wife’s – life

She will want to cry

Trying to understand why

Her kind loving Man who cared for all

Had to die

Said his defence


moving forks

After willing the traffic lights to change to green, and moving many forks on several successful occasions.

My beloved uncle Brian now believed he had telekinetic powers.

Because of his fragile mental state after the verdict myself and several other members of my family foolishly decided not to shatter my Uncle Brian’s allusion.

After trying to manoeuvre things, lights and forks etc for ourself’s, to humour my beloved uncle Brian. Myself and several other members of my family noticed that we could also change traffic lights to green and move forks at will.

When we sat my uncle Brian down and told him the truth, none of us could remember what happened.

a wetherspoon morning


A wetherspoon morning with the price of a pint to keep off the yawning.

Or gurrning, or yearning.

For a boring Sunday to share with the best of the rest of a dysfunctional family.

A table number and familiar faces with a drink included.

No one excluded, for even a bottomless Irish coffee and a point to plug in your countless phones.

A wetherspoon morning well remembered, and so near and yet so there but for the grace of tomorrow is another day.

And a warning, as another day starts with a wetherspoon morning.