life in easy payments 

Spending a lifetime paying for a life.

And watch the wealth divide go.

It cost’s a lot to pay for a wealthy life

And the point is

The most valuable thing belongs to who?

A billionaire banker looks very similar to a career fosterer…

On the cold stone slab.

When we add it up.

And the point is.

The most valuable things belong to who?

Who is getting Tesco’s profit up?

After he’s got the shares up and his life is closing as he counts his days.

Can he ask why and for who he profited from food for?

And the point is.

As he lies on his bed waiting to die.

Looking back.

Would he still put chocolate at children high?

To profit who?

A Man?

A Shop?

Who is all the money for?

Would but it could buy a cuddle for a baby ….

A short life to pay for x

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