why didn’t i

When your dying

When you remember when

Just as an example

You made yourself live

Because you thought that life was convention

But it’s not

Live your life

Smile your smile

Measure your own mile

Because when you die

You will say

Why didn’t i


A Clapton Tale : by Paul Roberts

there was a little bar in clapton where the parrot flew free

and you could go to any toilet when you needed a wee

where the police were still happy that we took coke off the bar

because they were so scared we might be murdered in our cars

frequented by nutters all afternoon and night

some really clever and some that wern’t that bright

a murder of faces that made a weird scene

jokes galore and many were obscene

it was the nearest to family I’d had for ages

and that’s where I chose to spend my wages

knowing that they would let me sleep

when I had surpassed my peak

and once or twice they carried me home

lest I wake up in the bar alone
Paul Roberts

The First Day : by Paul Roberts

one eye open…..THE FIRST DAY

I was tired I was weary

and a little bit teary

the first time they locked the door

in the night in the middle

when I woke for a piddle

and saw the shadow across the floor

of the window bars

and the years of scars

of those that had been in the wars

karma spent and wrought

the demons I had sought

my fault for breaking the laws

some time to mellow

and become a good fellow

a window instead of a door

an adventure ahead

where I couldn’t be lead

and my heart began to soar

How to measure love.

When nobody wants to FaceTime you and you have so much to say.

Be careful because you might become sad in a way.

Try and remember the thought that you had.

And the thought and the feeling you wanted to say.

To your Dad, and your Sister.

Tell your Mum that you’ve missed her.

Trouble is that sometimes the spark.

The thought  that you feel and think straight from the heart.

Needs to spark when the thought was ached out of your raw response to how.

You feel now.

For real after you’ve been apart, in mind or body.

And happiness is measured in smiles

But distance is measured most accurately.

In emotion more than miles.

life in easy payments 

Spending a lifetime paying for a life.

And watch the wealth divide go.

It cost’s a lot to pay for a wealthy life

And the point is

The most valuable thing belongs to who?

A billionaire banker looks very similar to a career fosterer…

On the cold stone slab.

When we add it up.

And the point is.

The most valuable things belong to who?

Who is getting Tesco’s profit up?

After he’s got the shares up and his life is closing as he counts his days.

Can he ask why and for who he profited from food for?

And the point is.

As he lies on his bed waiting to die.

Looking back.

Would he still put chocolate at children high?

To profit who?

A Man?

A Shop?

Who is all the money for?

Would but it could buy a cuddle for a baby ….

A short life to pay for x