Three Jacks


The first Jack I met was Jack Robinson. I was working at Corsica Studios and in he walked.
Jack had a vision and so much belief that soon his Vagabondz night was set.
After that at one of those nights I met the first Jacks Dad. In fact I will always remember that first meeting.

You see I didn’t know that the first Jacks Dad was Dave Robinson, part of British music history, and so full of stories about Stiff Records and more well I was in awe.
And I well knew that Jacks Dad was proud of his Son who inherits his ability to think outside of a mundane mainstream.
Yes this was the first fond of Jack I met.

Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson

The second Jack I met was Jack Tactics. A Jack with a genuine aura and a musician far beyond his recognition.
Once witnessing him songwriting with Tommy I got it. His brilliance is professional, and his friendship is perfect.
Jack and I meet somewhere in the middle on that mental plane, that place for friends  in the mind.
He’s creative and kind.
Yes I’m fully fond of the second Jack.

Jack Tactics
Jack Tactics

The third Jack is Jack Tyson Charles, a talent and a force. Although he’s the Jack I’ve known the least amount of time, the fondness that I formed for him on our first meeting was very apparent.
Saying you’ll have a listen to his songs is one thing, hearing them and getting it, enough to rave his praise to your friends is another.
This third fond of Jack has parents gifted with talent, who might give him a presence full of pride.
But the touch and the talent of this Jack is all his, with a gift he won’t be able to hide.

Jack Tyson Charles
Jack Tyson Charles


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