Three Jacks


The first Jack I met was Jack Robinson. I was working at Corsica Studios and in walked Vagabondz.
Jack either had vision? or more front than Harrods?
Turned out to be vision and belief.
Then i met the first Jacks Dad. In fact i will always remember meeting him at more than one of Jack’s Vagabondz.

You see i didn’t know that the first Jacks Dad was Dave Robinson, part of British music history, and so full of stories about Stiff Records and more well i was in awe.
And i well knew that Jacks Dad was proud of his Son who inherits his ability to think outside of a mundane mainstream.
Yes this was the first fond of Jack i met.

Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson

The second Jack i met was Jack Tactics. A Jack with a genuine aura and a musician far beyond his recognition.
Once witnessing him songwriting with Tommy i got it. His brilliance is professional, and his friendship is brilliant.
Jack and i meet somewhere in the mind.
He’s creative and kind.
Yes I’m fully fond of the second Jack.

Jack Tactics
Jack Tactics

The third Jack is Jack Tyson Charles, a talent and a force. Although he’s the Jack i’ve known the least amount of time, the fondness that i formed for him on our first meet is apparent.
Saying you’ll have a listen to his songs is one thing, hearing them and getting it, enough to rave to your friends is another.
This third fond of Jack has a Father, and a Mother gifted with talent, who might give him a presence full of pride.
But the touch and the talent is all of his, a gift he won’t be able to hide.

Jack Tyson Charles
Jack Tyson Charles



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