When i was a Blind Cat.


When I was a blind cat I fell in love with a dog.

We had to keep it quiet and we met carefully on rooftops.
He hated that.
I loved the way i heard him chase his tail, and I loved the way i sensed him watching me as i cleaned my whiskers when i knew.
He knew.
I couldn’t see.
Sometimes when my experienced feline patience payed off. I would catch him a mouse.
He never understood.
I would pretend not to be upset for as long and for as much as i could.
When he was feeling ill I would know because his nose would be dry has he muzzled my ears.
When I was feeling low he would lick my face and know as he tasted my tears.
I would spend hours listening to him gnawing a bone. I might have liked this a little, but i never understood why he did it.
Sometimes I wanted to be alone in my darkness and i knew he would pretend he wasn’t hurt.
When we had a play fight my instincts would take over and i would scratch his nose.
He hated that.
He asked one day why I did it?
I said because i’m a cat.
A blind cat.
But i knew that he knew that.
When we parted I was sad, I said I’m sure we can make it work.
But inside i can see.
And inside i saw that he loved me.
Enough to know he couldn’t be the one.
That saw things the way i do.
On our last day i made him chase me up a tree.
He asked why i made him do it.
I said.
Don’t you see ❤️

For Georgia 2015


So tomorrow is two years from the time the shine in my friends eye formed from seeing his lovely Georgia born.

And even now watching Tom talk to his lovely friend my lovely Jo. I have to smile as i feel the love and care that is clearly felt at every mention of the special daughter who is Georgia.
Sometimes beautiful things appear, then years later we feel and see the importance show.
Just as now as we remember the two years ago.
When Tom’s lovely Georgia became so special.