Something left. by Paul Roberts

The best you can do when you look back. Is watch your lack of. And the hurt you caused. But sometimes there is a little left. A heartfelt love for those that wept. And in the wake of karma paused. While you reflect on life being kack! Remember that there is only one way out.Continue reading “Something left. by Paul Roberts”

Time to smile with Izzy dog.

Well here again i am with my best friend in the worlds German shepherd. John is skiing and i love the chance to spend time which i do, with the dog he’s given so much time and care to. She knows i’m arriving of course, maybe from the last time John said you wait hereContinue reading “Time to smile with Izzy dog.”

Was It was worth the wealth?

What are we worth without the wealth? A concert pianist is as skilled as nature. But homeless with bad mental health he is worthless. And when he lies in his death bed next to the man who made millions from standing in sun beds. Measuring worth and wealth will be far harder to do. AndContinue reading “Was It was worth the wealth?”

who would i be without…. by paul roberts

So I sat here and thought of old friends, and what they said to me. Some things were trite, and some things grew on trees.. Tom said to me that : It ain’t them at fault when they lie to you. It is yours for too much faith. Jo said you are mad. But thatContinue reading “who would i be without…. by paul roberts”

Light thinker

After willing the traffic lights to change to green on several successful occasions. My uncle Brian now believed he had telekinetic powers. Because of his fragile mental state after the verdict myself and several other members of my family foolishly decided not to shatter my Uncle Brian’s allusion. After trying to manoeuvre events, lights etc,Continue reading “Light thinker”