Remember not to Bully!


You all remember well, or knew the someone who, was bullied.

Whether at school, or work, but you remember where it was.

That the frightened person you saw bullied felt, what we can only say was the feeling of being often painfully alone.
You must and do remember who was bullied?
You might remember well your part or not in the bullying of the someone that you knew, or forgot.
Someone who was bullied, someone like you?
Pointing at long last fingers of blame at the bullies from the past is up to them.
Bullies from the now will be met with all our power!
You all remember who or knew or sometimes saw the someone who was bullied.
And with the years passed i hope it’s understood how sad it was that bullies did what bullies do.
Which is why, now, me and you.
Can say..
Never again!
No way!

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