Talking Care with foxes. truesaystory x

Photogragh taken by Xenia Lewis
Photogragh taken by Xenia Lewis

I want to talk to foxes I thought, and actually said out loud as I cycled from Crouch End to Holloway.

It was half past one in the morning and the fox ran in front of my bike. I stopped and said hello boy and he paused and turned to see me.
And I wanted to talk to him and say your safe and how are you and can I help?
But he ran off and left me with an out stretched hand that I wish he’d known would have cared for him.
Pic by Nina Walsh
Pic by Nina Walsh
Jo came in just now, excited about a connection as she often as with animals.
The fox’s tail caught her eye as it dodged into the garden.
Hello Foxy she said and it stopped and looked at her and cocked it’s head.
As she passed, she looked behind to see Fox was heading for The danger of the Holloway Road.
Yet it met her gaze as she said with more than words.
Oh be careful Mr Foxy..
Then reaching a natural point to do so, Jo looked behind and the Fox looked back as well.
As he did Mr Foxy stopped, as he thought, then turned back into the safety of the garden.
I like to think it was the fox that i met.
But i like it most that Jo can talk to Fox’s, amongst everything else x

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