Time to smile with Izzy dog.

Ready to play true say x
Ready to play true say x

Well here again i am with my best friend in the worlds German shepherd.

John is skiing and i love the chance to spend time which i do, with the dog he’s given so much time and care to.
She knows i’m arriving of course, maybe from the last time John said you wait here for paulie.
John is long gone for the airport as excited i park my car and with my bag in hand walk through the unlocked front door.
The extra sizeable German shepherd see’s me and is quiet because of a bold entrance.
Then she smells me and i shout and Izzy is wild with fuss, i like to think it’s because she knows and feels my love for my best friend is without end.
And she knows my best friend knows my thoughts and love for her.
I go to bed tired and yawning having to make room for her at the bottom of the bed.
And awake in the morning tired and yawning, remembering John and something that he said.
So i take the lead although i’m being led, and finally remember the thing that John said.
And it makes me smile as i head back to his home with Izzy dog.

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