who would i be without…. by paul roberts

paul roberts

So I sat here and thought of old friends,

and what they said to me.

Some things were trite,

and some things grew on trees..

Tom said to me that :

It ain’t them at fault when they lie to you.

It is yours for too much faith.

Jo said you are mad.

But that aint no bad thing.

Blaise said I’ll pay tomorrow,

Nowhere to be seen.

Gerry said your a star and listened to me.

And died.


Not in the blaze of glory he deserved..

Nick said :

Do you want to chase the dragon?

and went the same way.

Till said you are better!

And should stop that shit!

Funnily enough the judge said the same thing.

And the parole officer!

With her big heart and breast cancer.

And if I hadn’t met them?

Any of them?

Who would I be?

Paul Roberts.

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