for the family of the brothers x

Made me cry that his Brother tried to save his life. With all my heart i hope that the Brother survives. And far from feel the the guilt we think he would. He feels alive and knows that he has to now live the lives. Of two, and knowing he was loved so much. TakeContinue reading “for the family of the brothers x”

Talking Care with foxes. truesaystory x

I want to talk to foxes I thought, and actually said out loud as I cycled from Crouch End to Holloway. It was half past one in the morning and the fox ran in front of my bike. I stopped and said hello boy and he paused and turned to see me. And I wantedContinue reading “Talking Care with foxes. truesaystory x”

the crouch end hidden tiger

So after all the fuss, whining and watching people who would not normally. Make even a small significant point. That wasn’t pointless. Then why did they whine and point a finger, in anger? For fear of being led astray? Or was it the lager, or.. I know it sounds daft. Wetherspoons fine full fruity Merlot onContinue reading “the crouch end hidden tiger”