Seasonal Spring word


Weekly come monthly word, or introduction to spring?

And what you do will make it bring.
It’s sit it down and moan or think and shine.
Your out stretched arm ready to decline.
Anything or one you can’t afford to carry.
Because you tried and say, now you try!
Being full of a lovely force will make you gain.
People who sadly drain, as well you know and your power lets.
You smile for a while, then nudge away the negative.
Well i hope so.
And i really do hope so!
Force for good needs help to share.
You’ll smile as you find it close.
Because one light can’t shine everwhere.

for the family of the brothers x

Made me cry that his Brother tried to save his life.

With all my heart i hope that the Brother survives.
And far from feel the the guilt we think he would.
He feels alive and knows that he has to now live the lives.
Of two, and knowing he was loved so much.
Take his loving Brother with him in his heart as he shares the happiness.
Knowing love like this is surrounded in sadness.
I just want his brother to survive for them both.

Remember not to Bully!


You all remember well, or knew the someone who, was bullied.

Whether at school, or work, but you remember where it was.

That the frightened person you saw bullied felt, what we can only say was the feeling of being often painfully alone.
You must and do remember who was bullied?
You might remember well your part or not in the bullying of the someone that you knew, or forgot.
Someone who was bullied, someone like you?
Pointing at long last fingers of blame at the bullies from the past is up to them.
Bullies from the now will be met with all our power!
You all remember who or knew or sometimes saw the someone who was bullied.
And with the years passed i hope it’s understood how sad it was that bullies did what bullies do.
Which is why, now, me and you.
Can say..
Never again!
No way!

Poetry…. Competition?

So then i asked myself, if i had have entered and won then what?

And who says if i’ve won or not? 

When you write you fail to see a race.

For who would you compete with?
You know… when you verse your thoughts.
Who would stand tall enough to say.
I will judge a poem, for i qualify enough.
To let the poet know.
That this time they have not won a prize.
For the piece written in tears about when your Grandad dies.
Because i say a lot about which is best.
And hardly nothing about the rest.

Talking Care with foxes. truesaystory x

Photogragh taken by Xenia Lewis
Photogragh taken by Xenia Lewis

I want to talk to foxes I thought, and actually said out loud as I cycled from Crouch End to Holloway.

It was half past one in the morning and the fox ran in front of my bike. I stopped and said hello boy and he paused and turned to see me.
And I wanted to talk to him and say your safe and how are you and can I help?
But he ran off and left me with an out stretched hand that I wish he’d known would have cared for him.
Pic by Nina Walsh
Pic by Nina Walsh
Jo came in just now, excited about a connection as she often as with animals.
The fox’s tail caught her eye as it dodged into the garden.
Hello Foxy she said and it stopped and looked at her and cocked it’s head.
As she passed, she looked behind to see Fox was heading for The danger of the Holloway Road.
Yet it met her gaze as she said with more than words.
Oh be careful Mr Foxy..
Then reaching a natural point to do so, Jo looked behind and the Fox looked back as well.
As he did Mr Foxy stopped, as he thought, then turned back into the safety of the garden.
I like to think it was the fox that i met.
But i like it most that Jo can talk to Fox’s, amongst everything else x

the crouch end hidden tiger

So after all the fuss, whining and watching people who would not normally. Make even a small significant point.

That wasn’t pointless.

Then why did they whine and point a finger, in anger?
For fear of being led astray?
Or was it the lager, or.. I know it sounds daft.
Wetherspoons fine full fruity Merlot on draught?
I can’t think it was the cider?
That made them point the finger, at the crouch end hidden tiger.

for bruce x

Yeah, thats him!

Of course it was a while and a smile ago.

Meeting with Bruce i forget which colour kimberley it was but i felt blue.

And from feeling frail which i kept well hid as we all do, i fell almost falling and caught myself.
Just in time to see Bruce procure an un limitless supply of what i thought.
Was a cracking drop of some one else’s fizz.
Time flies by, and yet.
The moment that i have forever set as lovely.
Is forever saved and backed up.
With the warm friendship feeling i felt.
As i saw Bruce’s vacant stride at the muddy Give.
And that is why, you get and feel my care as i write this for my friend Bruce x

the best you can do? paul roberts

Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts

the best you can do when you look back

is watch your lack and hurt you caused

but sometimes there is a little left

a heatfelt love for those that wept

and in the wake of karma paused

while you reflect on life being kack

remeber that there is only one way out

once in a while you can help someone

who is struggling deep in life’s great bouts

to give a little hope

a word of encouragment

and a couple of bucks

might just make you

a new friend

Paul Roberts