She looked like Eva Marie Saint…

"In on the water front.." Got a lot of cultural references that i love from this man.
“In on the water front..” Got a lot of cultural references that i love from this man.

Learning about Dorian Gray from The Smiths.
Reading Simone De Beauvoir.
Because of Lloyd Cole.

Hearing as the name of the plane that dropped the pain, became a song that echoed around the world as the number one history lesson synth song. Becoming a permanant part of a history referencing pop sylabus.

Listning to what Enola Gay had to say and then learning about history from a song!

Well where did school go wrong?

Seeing society scream and watch as one miner works and his brother fights him at the same garden gate where they played.

You don’t chose politics you live it, because you’ve had to fight or see the fight battled out right before your young life, as you stand aside your mother who waits for a bit of a loaf or a piece of cheese to give to your dad as he tries to hide his raped pride with a bruise given to him with intent from a payed copper.

That is society working through its darkness, don’t try to police it with a payed force to add to the unpayed disscourse.

And if a double decker bus… Crashes into us? Well we’ll Have a charity concert.


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