Cold Clowns


When i asked my uncle Brian what they did.

At Portland Down.

He said that they made duvets.

For every aspiring acrobat.

And for every trainee clown.

He said the circus is a cold place.

And then explained as if a mystery was solved, rather like Melvin Bragg.

Would have done, if radio 4 had been involved.

How chilled it could have been.

Sleeping with or getting close enough to say goodnight to a cold down circus clown.

(years later after much thought?)

Whenever i see a clown now, a real one as properly seen!

Which is few and far afar and further away between.

Well I always wonder if their warm enough when they wearily climb into their special circus bed.

Wondering if they still have the lovingly made made with care.

Wonderful Portland Down duvet, like my uncle Brian said!


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