Area 54 explained

Other limescale products may be used.
Other limescale products may be used.

My Uncle Brian works in area 54.
It’s next door but 3 as you may know to to area 51.
In area 54 they have and i might get into trouble for saying.
Well what they have is old kitchens and bathrooms.
The kitchens are rife with germs, and the bathrooms lay overridden with limescale.
Well when my Uncle Brian who works there told us this in the pub.
Call us inquisitive but we all asked why?
My Uncle gathered us tightly around the pub lounge table, looked over each shoulder.
And told us.
He said that a plane takes of from somewhere in the east and flies over area 54 dropping Cillit Bang on the Bathrooms and Jiff on the kitchens.
He added that earlier the bathrooms and kitchens would have been targeted by Special forces cleaners.
These are using hand held sprays to put things into soak.
I added that it was my round at the bar.

later he told us about the time the plane over shot the mark and he saw a really clean alien, thats when we knew he was lying?


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