Do Ants lack ambition?


Believing in nothing is like sticking on 16.
Have a little faith, twist.
What have you got to lose.
And if you can explain away.
How animal to man with imagination.
Paved it’s way for after all all to set their fossils by.
Can’t i chose what to believe.
Well confident for an age of history not to pass down through a diary.
Oh by the way we evolved from such and such.
No not the ant he’s fine.
Whilst waiting for Darwin to come up with a perfectly plausible way.
To question every single piece of previous thought.
What wasted thought and reason, did Darwin do night follows day?
And even as a believer in  the simple way we became  human as we changed from animals, and acquired a sense of humour.
If i was selling theories Darwin would be my first pick as sales director.


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