Remembering my plight.

Loved that flat x
Loved that flat x

The time i got stuck in the lift at Coleman Mansions on my way down to move my car.
Before the traffic warden introduced an unjust fine to my more familiar problems?
Well i’ve thought about the time in the lift alone, imagining the warden peeling off the tacky end of the trumped up fine.
I remember trying to get through to someone, i remember them saying they no longer service the lift you are stuck in as i felt low.
I remember perking up as they said they would pass on my pitiful plight.
Then i recalled trying to get comfy as i tried to catch up on my sleep, knowing almost with assurity the end of my ordeal was not completely out of the qeustion!
I did get out, and i did get a ticket and i did try to explain but as i did i didn’t believe myself.
And now i’m writing about it!


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