She looked like Eva Marie Saint…

"In on the water front.." Got a lot of cultural references that i love from this man.
“In on the water front..” Got a lot of cultural references that i love from this man.

Learning about Dorian Gray from The Smiths.
Reading Simone De Beauvoir.
Because of Lloyd Cole.

Hearing as the name of the plane that dropped the pain, became a song that echoed around the world as the number one history lesson synth song. Becoming a permanant part of a history referencing pop sylabus.

Listning to what Enola Gay had to say and then learning about history from a song!

Well where did school go wrong?

Seeing society scream and watch as one miner works and his brother fights him at the same garden gate where they played.

You don’t chose politics you live it, because you’ve had to fight or see the fight battled out right before your young life, as you stand aside your mother who waits for a bit of a loaf or a piece of cheese to give to your dad as he tries to hide his raped pride with a bruise given to him with intent from a payed copper.

That is society working through its darkness, don’t try to police it with a payed force to add to the unpayed disscourse.

And if a double decker bus… Crashes into us? Well we’ll Have a charity concert.



Cold Clowns


When i asked my uncle Brian what they did.

At Portland Down.

He said that they made duvets.

For every aspiring acrobat.

And for every trainee clown.

He said the circus is a cold place.

And then explained as if a mystery was solved, rather like Melvin Bragg.

Would have done, if radio 4 had been involved.

How chilled it could have been.

Sleeping with or getting close enough to say goodnight to a cold down circus clown.

(years later after much thought?)

Whenever i see a clown now, a real one as properly seen!

Which is few and far afar and further away between.

Well I always wonder if their warm enough when they wearily climb into their special circus bed.

Wondering if they still have the lovingly made made with care.

Wonderful Portland Down duvet, like my uncle Brian said!


Just lucky i guess…

Mmmm maybe not?
Mmmm maybe not?

Not sure about saying you make your own luck.
I knew someone who made his own luck by mistreating trust.
I think that people who make their own luck may also target.
People who’s luck has sadly lagged behind.
Because of life’s almost daily grind, and because of the state.
Of their frame of mind.
Sadly it would seem that lady luck can be deserved or misplaced.
Any evidence of making it yourself?
That i still have to find.
Wish me luck.


In the Wyndham Arms


When in the Wyndham Arms with John and smiles and ease are served with every drink.

When a pragmatic problem is laughed away without a think, because intelligence is taken for granted and not the order of the day.

Not in the Salisbury Wyndham Arms about which i can say.

It’s my 100 mile away local and although as i say it’s far away.

I remember the welcome being as close as it gets.


Things i’ll remember forever

Happy Valentine beautiful x
Happy Valentine beautiful x

Things i’ll remember forever grew in numbers last night.
You never know when these things will happen.
But sure enough and with a little luck.
They still arrive and will make you smile for as long as you live.
Memories are many, like a million grains of sand.
Things you remember forever are few.
Like walking in the rain through Camden.
Holding my lovely Jo’s hand x


Area 54 explained

Other limescale products may be used.
Other limescale products may be used.

My Uncle Brian works in area 54.
It’s next door but 3 as you may know to to area 51.
In area 54 they have and i might get into trouble for saying.
Well what they have is old kitchens and bathrooms.
The kitchens are rife with germs, and the bathrooms lay overridden with limescale.
Well when my Uncle Brian who works there told us this in the pub.
Call us inquisitive but we all asked why?
My Uncle gathered us tightly around the pub lounge table, looked over each shoulder.
And told us.
He said that a plane takes of from somewhere in the east and flies over area 54 dropping Cillit Bang on the Bathrooms and Jiff on the kitchens.
He added that earlier the bathrooms and kitchens would have been targeted by Special forces cleaners.
These are using hand held sprays to put things into soak.
I added that it was my round at the bar.

later he told us about the time the plane over shot the mark and he saw a really clean alien, thats when we knew he was lying?


Do Ants lack ambition?


Believing in nothing is like sticking on 16.
Have a little faith, twist.
What have you got to lose.
And if you can explain away.
How animal to man with imagination.
Paved it’s way for after all all to set their fossils by.
Can’t i chose what to believe.
Well confident for an age of history not to pass down through a diary.
Oh by the way we evolved from such and such.
No not the ant he’s fine.
Whilst waiting for Darwin to come up with a perfectly plausible way.
To question every single piece of previous thought.
What wasted thought and reason, did Darwin do night follows day?
And even as a believer in  the simple way we became  human as we changed from animals, and acquired a sense of humour.
If i was selling theories Darwin would be my first pick as sales director.


Remembering my plight.

Loved that flat x
Loved that flat x

The time i got stuck in the lift at Coleman Mansions on my way down to move my car.
Before the traffic warden introduced an unjust fine to my more familiar problems?
Well i’ve thought about the time in the lift alone, imagining the warden peeling off the tacky end of the trumped up fine.
I remember trying to get through to someone, i remember them saying they no longer service the lift you are stuck in as i felt low.
I remember perking up as they said they would pass on my pitiful plight.
Then i recalled trying to get comfy as i tried to catch up on my sleep, knowing almost with assurity the end of my ordeal was not completely out of the qeustion!
I did get out, and i did get a ticket and i did try to explain but as i did i didn’t believe myself.
And now i’m writing about it!