Well get me a bigger box then!

Someone once said that they didn’t want to go back in the box. I think he was part of a double act at the Eastwood miners welfare. I was seven it was getting late and i could see his point. After pleading he was pushed kicking and screaming. Back into the box. And nobody didContinue reading “Well get me a bigger box then!”

Could have gone to the pictures i suppose?

I once watched a washing machine from cycle start right through to spin. It was a Wednesday afternoon and i should have had something better to do. I got up of course to make a brew, and use the loo. Then i returned and sat cross legged in front of well i think it wasContinue reading “Could have gone to the pictures i suppose?”

New year message late but well worth the wait x

As one year screamed into another and for a wonderful while we all forgot to ignore each other. Well i wondered while i waited at the station to pick up my lovely Jo what it was i liked about the year before, and then i thought about what it was the new one had inContinue reading “New year message late but well worth the wait x”

I want a cuddle not a Bear from a fraught Europe

As a child I had a teddy bear with straw in, and i also had bad hay fever. I think the allergy was blatently brought on by the bear. I don’t blame the bear well who would. Some. But the fact of the act of i’m guesing my grandad bringing back a straw filled bearContinue reading “I want a cuddle not a Bear from a fraught Europe”