Questions Answered

Said lovely shop
Said lovely shop

No your Not a stalker yet, your more of an avid watcher… Next!

No Avid Watcher……..!

Hello come in sit down.

Oh hello if i open a mirror shop opposite the mirror shop will i create a little piece of infinity on the Holloway Road and, its a two part question, what should i call it?

I would’t worry too much about that son, i’d worry more about whose mirrors you had on display in your window, you might have to merge. Because they have good mirrors and you might reflect badly on them…….




Message to self.

A street with bikes and pink lights - oil on canvas pauliepaul
A street with bikes and pink lights oil on canvas – pauliepaul
Cello on tiles oil on canvas : pauliepaul
Cello on tiles oil on canvas – pauliepaul
My favourite Bench oil on canvas - pauliepaul
My favourite Bench oil on canvas – pauliepaul
Kitchen with door to garden Oil on canvas : pauliepaul
Kitchen with door to garden oil on canvas – pauliepaul

paint more galore.

Happy Six month old birthday to the ever so charismatic….. pauliepaulversestheworld xx

Well under ten.

Happy day in Italy with Dad x

Once when we were camping and i was well under ten.

Well under ten but old enough to lie in bed and hear my dad call someone.

A pasty faced pillock.

Well old enough but under ten to hear someone say, say that again.

And under ten but well able to hear my dad say pasty faced pillock not again.

But again and again.

Even well under ten i knew by now my mum had done some gypsy thing and saved.

Someones holiday.

Years later at university someone asked what happens when an unstoppable force meets an un moveable object?

I said they got married stupid.


Well get me a bigger box then!

Please for the love of baby jesus don't put me back in the box! I hate it!
Please for the love of baby jesus don’t put me back in the box! I hate it!

Someone once said that they didn’t want to go back in the box.

I think he was part of a double act at the Eastwood miners welfare.

I was seven it was getting late and i could see his point.

After pleading he was pushed kicking and screaming.

Back into the box.

And nobody did a fuckin thing!

Thats how it was in them days.


Could have gone to the pictures i suppose?

Just like though this is i think an indasit?
Just like though this is i think an indasit?

I once watched a washing machine from cycle start right through to spin.

It was a Wednesday afternoon and i should have had something better to do.

I got up of course to make a brew, and use the loo.

Then i returned and sat cross legged in front of well i think it was a Hotpoint.

I was there for a while, this was a rented flat in 80’s Nottingham and the washer was not young, but i didn’t want to take for granted not having to go the the laundrette.

The trouble is i had romanticised about going to the laundrette from an early age.

I remember thinking when i was 17 that i might meet a girl who cried on Wednesday afternoons in a laundrette.

In front of what i think was a Hotpoint i remember thinking that i might meet a girl who cried on Wednesday afternoons who would sit with me and watch the washer from the start of the cycle right through to the spin.

Crossed legged on the floor with a hanky and a cup of tea and an ever so slight grin on her tear stained chin.

I’m thinking about it even now x


Drinking with abandon.


Years back and don’t get me wrong, i could have ended it at any minute.

But never the less, years back, for a while not a long while but long enough to feel how it felt and sigh.

And make me think and say to myself that “There but for the grace of god go i.”

Strange how afterward i went through a phase of sitting in Holborn doorways.

Drinking with abandon you see.

An abandon remembering a life for a while, with just a doorway a drink and me.

It was the freedom it was my meditation, these days i just sleep with a play in my ear.

Radio 4 extra my favourate station.

I only drink with abandon now, when he visits, which is rare.

And only out of a misplaced obligation.

Or a misplaced fear, which is..

Not so rare.


New year message late but well worth the wait x


As one year screamed into another and for a wonderful while we all forgot to ignore each other.

Well i wondered while i waited at the station to pick up my lovely Jo what it was i liked about the year before, and then i thought about what it was the new one had in store.

Starting pauliepaul verses the world was high on my list, being able to publish my mad verse and words made me happy, and yet at the same time made me sad.

Listening to Jo’s wonderful new songs being produced with positivity was high up so high up as well.

Learning to deal with a growing Daisy will i think be on this list for as long as i can try to help her.

Me: “daisy what are you rebelling against?”

Daisy: “what have you got!”

Of course it was a brilliant Brando saying the above, and dealing with a growing Daisy will be the constant that helps me to try to understand that love is saving the last word for a fond goodbye not to create a cry or a sad bedtime.

The new year will be more than fine as it brings a smile and me Jo and Daisy girl are going to go the extra mile to find: “A warm beach!”

How shallow is that? and I’m talking about the sea…. Big love x

The blog made me happy and yet sad because i want it to be a bound book, with love to my Mum and all written on the inside cover.

Go get your dreams this year…


Thoughts on being a cowboy


If i was a cowboy i would be pretty quick on the draw.
Not gunfighter quick but i would make them my friends with my wit.
I would go into saloons and drink whiskey but not too much.
Jo says it turns me into a nutcase and i wouldn’t want to get run out of town.

If i was a cowboy i wouldn’t work with cows.
I would like to think i did wandering for a living.
Sometimes i would sleep out under a wandering star.
Thats not to say i’d stay away from comfort for too long.

If i was a cowboy i would do a little prospecting.
I would be friends with the blacksmith, and gain the sherifs trust.
And i would pay my way through the wild west with things i found in my pan, its like goldust.
This to the best of my knowledge is what i’d be like.

If i was a cowboy.


I want a cuddle not a Bear from a fraught Europe


As a child I had a teddy bear with straw in, and i also had bad hay fever.

I think the allergy was blatently brought on by the bear.

I don’t blame the bear well who would. Some.

But the fact of the act of i’m guesing my grandad bringing back a straw filled bear from a fraught Europe.

I think at least made me wheeze, cough and have a tight chest, not to mention the hint of menace i felt from the bare German bear.

Well i believe my cousin Robert had the straw filled German bear first and i like to think that i had it last.

When later in life under lights as they asked me questions about the straw filled German bear i would declare.

It was full of straw and made me sneeze and it was bald by the time i had it anyway, sans fur.

Also i added with the confidence that age provides that thinking about it now, I never understood why i ended up with the second hand bald straw filled German bear in the first or second place!

And further to that! why out of fright! i never repeated the things that bear whispered to me in German at night!

We did French at school, je nais conprend pas!

You Shnell!


Tartan tin the fix is in.

A tartan tin.
A tartan tin.

At school when i was young i won a prize for making shortbread.
I made it all by myself at home and took it to school in a tartan tin.

I remember forgetting all about it, after all the shortbread was made and handed in.
All i was thinking about was my mums tartan tin.

I was sure mum said i had to bring back the tartan tin, i assumed whether i won or not.
When i got home and gave mum back her tartan tin with the first prize rosette on.

I can’t remember what she said but she was happy to have her tin back, and surprised to see i’d won.

The other shortbread must have been bad i thought for my shortbread to win.
Then i thought, was my win all because of my mums tartan tin?