Talk about the serpent taking the pips…

Profit is rotten to the
Profit is rotten to the

I don’t have to be a part of some driven by pointless profit corporation!

I don’t understand why profit sits in a secret off shore safe?

When the Jobs of this world die, their families will still sigh and cry!

As much as mine, as i die without a sum of money that will try to define me?

Publishing your mass imoral profit to the people who make it possible at considerable personal cost takes gall, selling you back after-all?

The things that grow for free in any families garden?

Or rain from the profit and share free clouds that see’s no religion.

Is it ours or yours or mine it and make a gain.

Then die and see your profit or great gain for what it was worth!

… Not as much as walking with your Daisy, or Oscar which is value without price…

One day when we curse the Apple..

And then add up the phones with the different charges we bought before the last.

The garden of Eden will pale.

At the total cost, of paradise lost.


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