New year message late but well worth the wait x


As one year screamed into another and for a wonderful while we all forgot to ignore each other.

Well i wondered while i waited at the station to pick up my lovely Jo what it was i liked about the year before, and then i thought about what it was the new one had in store.

Starting pauliepaul verses the world was high on my list, being able to publish my mad verse and words made me happy, and yet at the same time made me sad.

Listening to Jo’s wonderful new songs being produced with positivity was high up so high up as well.

Learning to deal with a growing Daisy will i think be on this list for as long as i can try to help her.

Me: “daisy what are you rebelling against?”

Daisy: “what have you got!”

Of course it was a brilliant Brando saying the above, and dealing with a growing Daisy will be the constant that helps me to try to understand that love is saving the last word for a fond goodbye not to create a cry or a sad bedtime.

The new year will be more than fine as it brings a smile and me Jo and Daisy girl are going to go the extra mile to find: “A warm beach!”

How shallow is that? and I’m talking about the sea…. Big love x

The blog made me happy and yet sad because i want it to be a bound book, with love to my Mum and all written on the inside cover.

Go get your dreams this year…


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