Thoughts on being a cowboy


If i was a cowboy i would be pretty quick on the draw.
Not gunfighter quick but i would make them my friends with my wit.
I would go into saloons and drink whiskey but not too much.
Jo says it turns me into a nutcase and i wouldn’t want to get run out of town.

If i was a cowboy i wouldn’t work with cows.
I would like to think i did wandering for a living.
Sometimes i would sleep out under a wandering star.
Thats not to say i’d stay away from comfort for too long.

If i was a cowboy i would do a little prospecting.
I would be friends with the blacksmith, and gain the sherifs trust.
And i would pay my way through the wild west with things i found in my pan, its like goldust.
This to the best of my knowledge is what i’d be like.

If i was a cowboy.



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