Tartan tin the fix is in.

A tartan tin.
A tartan tin.

At school when i was young i won a prize for making shortbread.
I made it all by myself at home and took it to school in a tartan tin.

I remember forgetting all about it, after all the shortbread was made and handed in.
All i was thinking about was my mums tartan tin.

I was sure mum said i had to bring back the tartan tin, i assumed whether i won or not.
When i got home and gave mum back her tartan tin with the first prize rosette on.

I can’t remember what she said but she was happy to have her tin back, and surprised to see i’d won.

The other shortbread must have been bad i thought for my shortbread to win.
Then i thought, was my win all because of my mums tartan tin?


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