I want a cuddle not a Bear from a fraught Europe


As a child I had a teddy bear with straw in, and i also had bad hay fever.

I think the allergy was blatently brought on by the bear.

I don’t blame the bear well who would. Some.

But the fact of the act of i’m guesing my grandad bringing back a straw filled bear from a fraught Europe.

I think at least made me wheeze, cough and have a tight chest, not to mention the hint of menace i felt from the bare German bear.

Well i believe my cousin Robert had the straw filled German bear first and i like to think that i had it last.

When later in life under lights as they asked me questions about the straw filled German bear i would declare.

It was full of straw and made me sneeze and it was bald by the time i had it anyway, sans fur.

Also i added with the confidence that age provides that thinking about it now, I never understood why i ended up with the second hand bald straw filled German bear in the first or second place!

And further to that! why out of fright! i never repeated the things that bear whispered to me in German at night!

We did French at school, je nais conprend pas!

You Shnell!


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