Tanks a lot..


Fury is a cracking good war film.

I do know a lot about tanks of the second world war.

Which is why i watched Fury. Ready, Willing.

And thats true say, cards on the table.

Battle of The Bulge however remains for me, top of the war film tree.

When the might of the i think it was the 2nd on the rigqhht? Asked for the surrender of … amblev?


Well that was true say they say, and they say it took guts! And those men were cold, and bold.

Kelly’s hero’s however, well the film that made me want to be in a war.

Was a good film with a good score.

If i had to be in a war film though, i’d stick with Cary Grant like glue.

That would be me Tony Curtis and you.

I’d still cry for Sinatra as Montgomary Clift played the bugle, fatso was always gonna win that one.

And who would trust Ernest Borgnine after Ice Station Zebra?

Besides Rock Hudson?

And in his defence you try comming out of a closset in a submarine!

Fury is a cracking good war film, but it was a bit too serious and Brad Pit needs to lighten up.

Afterall, It was only a war, a mother beautiful war and it will always be there.


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